Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mata Gujjar Kaur jee

Last Sunday after the SMS camp my family and I went to see some relatives. One of the relatives we met was an elderly Bibi jee, who is my Tayee jee's Bhua jee. Every time I see her I just think "Waheguru! I can see Mata Gujjar Kaur Jee (the mother of Guru Gobind Singh jee and grandmother of the Sahibzaadey)". She is very old (eighty years old or so) and now looking frail. She speaks so sweetly and gives Pyaar to everyone. She is very religious and talks only about religious things.

Bibi jee told me that from a young age her mother taught them Japji Sahib. Going to school, cooking, playing and walking she would recite Japji Sahib. Now she thanks her mother for giving her these blessings. She said that she is old and frail now but with Guru's Kirpaa still tries to keep Rehat (discipline) and in the morning does 5 Nitnem Banian, then Shabad Hazaare, Dukh Bhanjan Shabads followed by Sukhmani Sahib. Then everyday she would go to the Gurdwara Sahib. Very inspiring!
Mata jee said to me, "Guru jee says "rehit piyaaree mujh ko, sikh piyaaraa naahi" (meaning: "I love a Sikh's discipline/ way of life rather than a Sikh.") We should try our utmost to earn the Guru's words and keep rehit." I felt moved by her bairaag and how she said "We make countless mistakes and due to my ill-health I sometimes am not able to keep my regular Rehit and routine... May Guru Sahib forgive me, forgive me." All I could think was "Dhan Guru! Dhan Guru Piyaare." So much pyaar and dedication. Despite her old age, Mata jee has a cold bath everyday. Waheguru!

I felt privileged and thankful to Waheguru for gracing me with the darshan of such a blessed soul who holds so much love, fear and dedication for Guru Sahib. When she spoke, I just imagined Mata Gujri Kaur jee sitting with me and talking.

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Damdami Taksal said...

fateh ji
its a shame that some people in the sikh faith are spreading hatred the aim at the end of the day is to meet God and not spread hatred
fateh ji