Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Short Kids Play on 'Fake Holy Men' (ਪਾਖੰਡੀ ਬਾਬੇ)

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In the beginning of April 2006, sevadaars from UK organized a Gurmat camp for Norwegian kids, similar to camps organised in Sweden and France. Approximately 100 children attended the camp.

The groups were divided into two. The older youngsters were in one group, and young children were in a separate group. The younger children participated in putting together a play which illustrated a deep issue affect the Sikh community worldwide, which is how vulnerable ignorant Sikhs are being cheated by fake holy men and self-proclaimed "Sants" (which has become a profession for people who can't find a job and want to make quick money!). The children beautifully highlight the moral as being that we should seek the support of Guru ji and do Ardaas to Waheguru, and save ourselves from becoming the victim of fake greedy men who call themselves "Sant" and "Baba".

May Guru Sahib keep the children in Chardikala and may we all learn from these young children that when our Guru is the Greatest of the Great then why do we falter and allow ourselves to made mugs out of by men posing as holy men.


Anonymous said...

Gurbani warns us that amongst millions it is hard to find such souls and a real Sant has no desire for maya i.e. fame, money etc


rsingh said...

Khalsa Di Sahjna Divas Uta Lakh Lakh Vadaiyaa.

a(n)mrith naam nidhhaan hai mil peevahu bhaaee ||

May you always reamin in Chardi Kala :) VahiGuroo ;)

Vahiguroo Anng Sanng