Saturday, December 03, 2005

Spiritual Vibes Kirtan

Yesterday there was a Kirtan programme at London Met university. Me and another singh went together from my university and got on the tube. I told the singh that i needed to do rehraas. So while standing on the tube I was going to start rehraas sahib, and then the singh goes, "Could you say it out aloud so I can hear as well." Chalo. So I started Rehraas Sahib aloud (not loud, just normal conversation sound level). Got a few stares, but O well that's life! (By the way the other singh was wearing a blue dumalla and blue kurta).

We had to change tube at King's Cross Station. While walking to get the Picaddily Line, we continued Rehraas Sahib (by now we had reached Chaupayee Sahib). The tube arrives and we get on. I continue with Rehraas and the singh continues to listen and follow along. I could feel some 'negative vibes'. I looked up and saw a Gora staring at me and giving me a dirty look. I closed my eyes and continued doing paath while standing at the end of the tube. A few minutes later I opened my eyes and he is stilling looking at me and this time he is nodding his head, taking his ear phones out of his ear and he opens his hands up (signalling "what's your problem"). I smiled at him (trying to give out to positive and happy vibes. lol) and continued with the last part of Rehraas.

Just as I was finishing Rehraas, a Muslim lady wearing a hijaab gets on the tube and stands next to us and near the Gora. Waheguroo! The Gora' face - it was a face to see! Poor chap. Rab Rakha. We finished the paath, and then our stop arrived. When getting off the train, I smiled and nodded at the bloke, but I don't think he was too impressed by me trying to be friendly.

We eventually got to London Met Uni (even though their main entrance doors were blocked off because of some building works). So we found out where the other entrance was we tried to find the room where the kirtan was happening. With Guru's Kirpa we found it. We could hear Ishpreet Kaur Bhenji's sister, Prabhjeet Kaur, doing Kirtan.

Here are a few photos from the Kirtan programme:

Bhenji Ishpreet Kaur from London Met Uni doing Kirtan

Rav Singh & Tarsem Singh doing group effort Kirtan.

Bhenji Hardeep Kaur, with her sister Bhenji Tazvinder Kaur and bhenji from Westminster Uni

Students listening and singing along with Shabad Kirtan

Baba Ji (aka Bhaji Tarsem Singh jee), the godfather of London Met Uni, giving his blessings to sangat.


Gurumustuk Singh said...

I miss the good times in England! Can't wait for another visit next year, God Willing.

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Bhaji I would just like to share that your blog is fanatastic!!! And thats what inspired me to start blogging as well. :)

Hope your family are in chardikala.

Veer, Manvir Singh

Anonymous said...

Manvir Singh Ji - It would be nice if others were told about this. Im sure others would have liked to have attended. Maybe something to consider in the future?

Ravinder Singh

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Bhai Sahib this event was advertised on Boss website for a month. Also emails were sent on egroups.

A humble request from me would be please check the Boss website. The web address is:

All university and sikh society events are are advertise there, so hopefully in future you will be find out about the programmes and able to attend.

bhul chuk maaf,

veer, Manvir Singh

Anonymous said...

Oh Thanks. I did not know, aswell as not being a visiter of that site. But Thanks Ji

Ravinder Singh

Ravjeet Singh said...

Memories :)