Thursday, December 01, 2005

Decieved! It Looked like Roti...

Sat Naam. Waaheguroo. Today I went to my lecture. Guess what? ITS CANCELLED! So I decided to walk to the King's Library. I check my emails and guess what? I have recieved an email, "THE LECTURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED". lol.

The library didn't have a good range of books on the topic area I was looking for, so I decided to go to SOAS university library. I decided to walk. It took about 35 minutes, plus it was raining a little. Chalo, Rab Rakha.

Got to library and spent like four hours or so finding books and photocopying relevant pages. Waheguroo! I felt soo hot inside! Because I am wearing so many layers and wearing really thick Kurta Pyjama and on top I had a really big coat. The photocopy room was BOILING from all the heat from the machines.

Chalo, by 4pm I was STARVING. If I were a Gora and ate meat, the expression would be "I could eat a horse!" (Note: just to clarify I am a vegetarian!). So I leave the library and walk up the road trying to see if there are any decent shops (which are HYGIENIC), where I can get something to eat from. Couldn't find much hope. I popped into Tesco, but their sandwiches had MAYO in it, so I left disappointed.

Eventually, a saw a Benjy's shop (not "Bhenji's shop" (as in 'sister') but "Benjy" a healthy food restaurant). I said to myself, "O mind, at last - FOOODD!!!". I got in and they had two types of vege sandwiches on the shelf, which were without mayo. The sandwiches were pre-packed so no big issues about hygiene.

I had a choice - Normal Sandwich (with carrots, and all sorts) or Vegetables in Tortilla wrap. I thought ermm... the Tortilla wrap reminded me of Roti. I thought O well, its bit like SABJI (without the turkaa and piaaj) wrapped in ROTI. So, I buy it. And guess what? ITS ON REDUCED PRICE - £1 off. What a BARGAIN! hehehe. I even bought TWO, because I thought they would be tastey and I wouldn't have to eat anything in the evening.

So I sit on the bus going towards London Bridge station (trying to make it in time for the Aids Day vigil thing). I get out my Tortilla wrap and do small Ardaas of thanks to Waheguru for the food. Then munch, munch, munch, the Bhog of the Tortilla wrap takes place.

SHOCK HORROR. Its not at all like ROTI AND SABJEE!!! Its more like half-cooked roti, and bland carrots, and other random vegetables stuffed in. No TASTE, No MIRCH, No MASALA. It was BLAND and tasted UNCOOKED!

O Well! I was hungry so saying "Waheguru" I ate the Tortilla, and in my mind I pictured Ahloo Baigan Di Sabjee (thats 'Aubergine' Curry for those who don't know what 'Baigan' means). I ate the Tortilla wrap and thought, "Can't wait to go home and have good old roti made by mum".

After the Aids Day Vigil, I thought as I walk back to my halls, I will get out the other Tortilla Wrap in my bag and give it to a tramp or homeless person (well i assume they are homeless because they sit on the floor and ask for money). Guess what? I DON'T SEE ANY TRAMPS! I was bit disappointed. So I walked back from halls and walked towards the tube station, hoping to bump into some tramps. Any luck? NO!

So I walked back to halls with memories of the disappointing lunch I had. The Tortilla Wrap at present is in my fridge. May it rest in peace there, because it ain't going to go in my mouth!!

Is there a point to this story? Rab Jaanai!


Tinsel Wala Baba said...

the point may be that u r getting attached to the false tastes of the world. Y eat food just for taste?dnt take food for granted. if u wanted saabji and roti, u shud of went to the Gurdwara, I mean u shud have the food ur self. at least u got sum food and a vegi sandwich wivout egg.

Keep us updated on ur funny stories

Anonymous said...

The point to your story.
Never eat out. Seems like you always have bad experince while you eat out. So, I don't want to see another story about eathing out ( just kidding!!!)

Anonymous said...

eat cold raw vegtable +the terrible british weather=ur post above!!LOL...
the lesson learned is....
Learn to cook!!+always have a snack in ur bag;)!!

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

erm. i agree. i shud definately have a snack in a bad.

sadly my flat kitchen is a bit of a mess! I leave post-sticks around saying "clean up" but soon after cleaning up they leave a mess!! Literally it feels like living with slobs!

Someone makes pasta and they live pasta sauce all over cooker, all over the tiles above the cooker... when someone cooks toast they leave bread crumbs everywhere!!!! and the kitchen sink - Sat Naam!

In my room I have a microwave, mini-oven and fridge/freezer. i try to use them. just use kitchen for sink and sometimes use cooker to cook Parotay. Quite funny... I was making Mehthey wale parotay and a France boy said to me, "erm... smells nice, but its TOO SMOKEY... can open window?" Its a free country - u CAN open a window if you feel you cant breathe because of Parotay smoke. lol


Rab rakha.