Thursday, December 15, 2005


Note: Just to clarify this post is not about a new out-break of Foot & Mouth Disease or BSE

Today went to SOAS library. Its really good for Sikhi books. I had to do so much photocopying and it was HOT in the library and BOILING in the photocopying room. I don't think my shell-suit type material kurta pyjama did me any favours!! I felt so warm and bit stuffy! Couldn't wait to get out and go back to halls to have something to eat.

On the way back to halls I walked and did Rehraas Sahib da paath. On the weekend my mum gave me daal sabjee to take back to uni. So I was all excited to eat daal sabji (and not regular old cheese on toast :( Waheguru!). On the way back I bought some Pitta Breads from the nearby shop. Well, Pita Breads are the next best thing to roti when you're desperate. So I went for the "6 Garlic Pitta".

Got back to halls and got the sabji out of the freezer and quickly put it in the microwave. Waheguru! Yum, yum... nice sabji.. and a bit of pitta bread - maujaa hee maujaa :). I put the Pitta bread in my small oven in my room. Waheguru! Pitta bread is ready and sabji is garam. Vah vi vah. I put sabji and dehee (yoghurt) in my plate and do Ardaas. I looked at the Sabji and wondered what sabji it was. O well, I broke a piece of Pitta and put the Sabji in my mouth.

WAIT!! Something inside me says, "WHAT ARE YOU EATING." I stop. I look back at my plate and stare at the sabji. Wahegurooo.... is that sabji or KEEMAA (minced lamb!)!! I stared carefully and all I could see is a huge chunks, like Keema. I felt sick. THANK GOD that I hadn't swallowed what I had in my mouth. I spat it out, washed my mouth out with paani (water) and then did my toothbrush.

I rang home to say that my mum accidently gave my KEEMA to eat. My dad picked up and told him what happened. He said that it wasn't keema or meat but sabji. He said that they hadn't made meat for a long long time, and furthermore they don't freeze meat. He said ring back in few minutes when my mum is free. So while I am waiting I stare at the sabji, and start to prod and poke at it. RAB DA SHUKAR... I see a few mushroom pieces amongst the peas and ahloo. Then I got confused - it could be Keema with mushroom, peas and ahloo!?!?!

WHY ME!!!!!!!!! Bit shocked by the meat scare!

I rang back and my mum said that it is definately not Keema and that she gave me Mushroom di sabji. Apparently my mum put more Piaaj (onions) than usual, so the turkaa is stronger and might have looked like "Keema". lol. I felt soooo relieved and got tucked into the Sabji. yum, yum.. good to have good old home cooked daal sabji at university :)


Anonymous said...

vir ji, you're having all these experiences and I'm surprised that they're not pointing your mind towards keeping dietary bibek. There's hardly ever any dobut about what you're eating and if it's safe if you've kept bibek.

xSHANTIx said...

hey i really like ur blog its the first time ive seen it..some nice stuff on here. SAT NAM JI

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

thanks bhenji. i also read your blog. it was inspiring to read how you embraced Sikhi and found the True Guru, Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

keep in chardikala :)

For those who haven't visited bhenji's blog and read her story, here is the link:

Guru Rakha.

Gurumustuk Singh said...

I think most of us vegetarians have had things like this.

I have had quite a few times where I order something without meat...and take a bite...and find out that it is chicken...or something..

Angad Singh said...


Manvir your not the 1st..especially here in singapore when you eat chinese time you are not sure of wht is there in your plate..cause it all looks so alike..

as for bibek..well those of us who are not staying at home its possible but at times get too much i mean..if i wannt to eat chips i will have to do everything and will have to have the required phandey and all tt stuff..u gotta see the position of the other person..

and cheese toast is not the best food in the world ..healt wise..

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

waheguru. thanks for all the posts. good to hear of other people's similar experiences.

Compared to Bhaji Gurmustak Singh jee and Angad Singh veerji's experiences, mine sounds a bit trivial, because it wasn't in a restaurant. But I suppose my paranoia got to the best of me.

Bibek Rehat... erm.. it seems hard to keep Bibek food rehat while living out, especially at university. firstly i don't really use the kitchen as it is so filthy and alcohol and meat is sometimes left lying around everywhere and anywhere. (not that the meat is gonna jump in my plate or anything. lol. but still its about hygiene and being courteous).

i have a microwave, sandwich-toaster and "mini oven" in my room. I just use them to cook. Whenever I go to Southall I get to eat Langar.

Cheese after a while does get SICKENING. I agree that its not healthy.

When i get married, with Guru's Kirpa I will be able to eat more healthy foods, and I won't have to rely on frozen sabji or cheese-toastie sandwiches :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Paaji, your talk about meat has triggered Google ads about where to buy frozen meat!! How ironic!

Anonymous said...

what does "bibek" mean?


Anonymous said...

"When i get married, with Guru's Kirpa I will be able to eat more healthy foods"

hope you will be cooking those healthy foods too and not just assuming that your wife will be doing all the cooking.