Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Boss Camp 2005

This year the Boss Camp was held at Portsmouth, next to the sea-side at an army training centre. The weather was HOT! I got sunburnt at the camp! However, the camp was a good fun and met loads of chardikala people!

Evening Diwaan

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - beautiful shastars!

The army organised the physical activities.

Me with a machine gun :)

Me and Varinder Singh from King's Uni. This photo is of a boat trip between Portsmouth and Isle of Wight.

Chilling out on the deck

The evening sunset.

Sukhaasan di sewa in the evening - all the campers joined in. The amount of respect and shardaa for Guru Ji was amazing!

Kamal Singh (Walsall) on the Sarangi and Pardip Singh Dhesi (Leamington Spa) on the Dhad practice their Dhadi Prasan.

Bhaji Sukhvinder Singh (Sukhi) from Birmingham having a jamming session on Dhad and Sarangi with campers

Pardip Singh blowing the Big Brother chair!

Ravjit Singh Khalsa and Pardip Singh posing with the Big Brother chair.

Poor Indy! On his birthday he got soaked and covered with flour! :D

Sports Day - Harbhajan Singh Bhaji taking part in the asault course.

Everyone cheering on the groups.

The Army giving out the prizes to winning team.

Group discussion sittin outside in the sun.

Dhadi Prasan on the Sahibzaadey.

Warrant Officer Makand Singh

On the last night of the camp there was a Rainsbayee Kirtan where campers did Kirtan. It was so uplifting to see everyone sing along and be absorbed in the Kirtan. Even though there was a Rainsbayee Kirtan (which went on til 2am or so) the campers still woke up on time for the morning diwaan, and many campers attended the Amrit-vela diwaan. :)

Abi Kaur from Manchester doing Kirtan.

Campers from the Midlands doing Kirtan. Listening to Bhaji doing Kirtan it felt as if the Kirtani, Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpur wale was singing. Really boosted kirtan!!

Daas doing kirtan.

This bhaji was chardikala!

Last day of camp - Guru Ji leaving the camp site in full Chardikala!


rsingh said...

OMG the first photo is very intresting hmmmmm... yes very intresting....all this time i though you was a good influence.. a peacefull person...gosh... haha

What is Pardip doing to the chair... I mean there was more then enough langar... vaheguruuu what is the world comming to... hehe..

So yep the memmories ahhh yess was a cool time init.. vaheguruuu

Prabhu Singh said...

Those pictures of the sukhasan are really nice pictures.
Sat Siri Akal!

Ravjeet Singh said...

this was a camp not to forget :)

Anonymous said...


I jus came across this post...i am the Vice President of the sikh soc at the university of Portsmouth. from the pictures the event seems to be a big hit.

Dont you think we could try and do something similar this year too.

It would be very good.

Gurinder Singh

Anonymous said...

ar there sikhs in the british army??????

Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

There are about 40 people or so in the British Armed Forces who are from a Sikh background.

jasmin kaur said...

ar yu kidding me ?? thats neat bhai sahib! the reason why im so surprised is that there are no sikhs in the u.s army..barely a handful and they dnt wear their dastaars! and those who do wear their dastaars are not allowed on the frontlines.. i mean i could count the singh s who wear their dastaars in the u.s military(which is very sad)
hence, its come to me as a big surprise !
dhan teree sikhi maharaj!