Monday, January 22, 2018

Banbury Gurmat Class - January 2018...

Banbury Gurmat Class group photo (some children and parents missing due to flu going around). So much Kirpa (blessings). Last Monday the children were restless during Rehraas Sahib and Ardaas. We started a competition of whoever could sit the longest without fidgeting will get points and eventually lead to a prize. Then we are running a Japji Sahib competition. Learning half Japji Sahib is £10, and on completion of memorising full Japji Sahib they get £20 (so £30 in total). 

Today one the students, Jyot Kaur Ji, (pictured in next photo), memorised 20 Paurian of Japji Sahib. She learnt 20 Paurian in 3 weeks. When she first recited Paath in class she know the 1st Pauri. She was inspired to see other children knowing more Paath than her. Whilst I was America over Christmas holidays there were no classes. The child’s mum said over 2 weeks she kept listening to Japji Sahib on YouTube (Bhai Gurpreet Singh Shimla recital) and learnt 20 Paurian. Her mum makes her sit with her everyday and learn a Pauri a day. Today she came wearing a Dastaar. At the age of 9, she said she wants to start wearing a Dastaar to school. When I got out £10 to give her for learning half of Japji Sahib, she said “Bhaji I dont want money. Can you please get me Sahibzaade movie instead.” Her mum said she wants to memorise all the scenes and information. Vahiguru. Maharaj’s blessings on on such a small town and credit to parents for making the effort with their children. If you have already not learnt Japji Sahib, please do! Forgot to mention she is also learning the meanings of each Pauri she memorises

Jyot Kaur Ji's inspiration to start wearing the Dastaar comes from the Just Sikhi team from Wolverhampton who came to Banbury Gurdwara to do Parchaar two months earlier. Bhenji tied a dastaar on her head and all the Sangat gave her so much encouragement and love. Amazing how Sangat can inspire someone.

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