Monday, October 30, 2017

Photos from 'Just Sikhi' programme at Banbury Gurdwara

Last Sunday sevadaars from 'Just Sikhi' (Wolverhampton) came to Banbury Gurdwara and inspired the Sangat. Children recited kavitas (poems), did Simran, Keertan and shared their experiences of Sikhi. The Sangat were overwhelmed with how much pyaar the children had for Sikhi and how they adorned with Bana. Sevadaars showed so much pyaar to the local Sangat that they it left a really positive impression. One local girl had a Dastaar tied on her and decided to join the weekly children's Gurmat class. 

May Satguru Ji continue to bless Just Sikhi with seva of Parchaar, and big thanks to Bhai Inderjit Singh Ji, the main Sevadaar for accepting the invitation to do Parchaar.

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