Monday, August 07, 2017

Toronto Singhs Camp 2017...

With the blessings of Guru Sahib, Toronto Singhs Camp 2017 was a great success. It was held from Wednesday July 12th to Sunday June 16th. This is the seventh year the camp has been running. Toronto Singhs Camp provides inspiration and motivation to young and old who want to discover the essence of Sikhi. The camp is aimed to reach out to people of different backgrounds and levels of understanding of Sikhi. Bhai Jaspual Singh and the organising team of sevadaars are doing a great job with Guru Ji's Kirpaa. The group continue with seva beyond the camp with regular Amrit-vela sessions, weekly Simran programme, community seva and fun activities.

Toronto Akhand Keertan Smaagam took place the weekend before the camp. It was great to have darshan of Gursikhs from across the world. On the Sunday after Smaagam, there was a house Keertan at Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji's house.

This year's Toronto Singhs Camp camp was attended by around 100+ campers. The camp is aimed at people aged 17 years and above, however it had some younger children who also benefited from the Sangat, Seva, and Simran. It is a great opportunity to experience Sikhi in a relaxed, friendly and spiritually charged environment. This year, Toronto Singhs Camp took place at Pearson Williams Christian Center in London, Ontorio. The beautiful natural surroundings helped to connect with and appreciate the Creator and creation.

This year's workshop facilitators and speakers included Bhai Satpal Singh (UK), Bhai Harman Singh (Calgary), Bhai Anantveer Singh (USA), Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji (Toronto), and Bhai Mandheer Singh (USA). The theme of the camp was Panj Chor (five vices).  Each year the camp organisers pick thoughtful topics that are relevant to the daily lives of campers.

Some photos from the camp:

Amrit-vela divaan

 The campsite was invaded masked men... which we later realized was campers doing activities!

Looks like friendly fire!

 Jathedar Jaspaul Singh

2nd Lieutenant Sarabjot Singh Anand and Mani Singh from the Canadian Armed forces speak at the Toronto Singhs Camp after a grueling paintball session.

Evening Keertan and Rehraas Sahib on the grass
 Bhai Jagjit Singh - Head Laangari

 What Singh's Camp is best known for - Langar

 Dedicated Langar Team sevadaars who tireless worked day and night to feed an army of Singhs!

"Bro! Are you for real"... This is what happens when Langar Sevadaars notice someone making mini size Bhatooray for campers at Singhs Camp.

 Nature + Keertan = Anand. Keertan by Bhai Bibek Singh

 Camp 'Havan'... I mean camp fire. Bhai Harman Singh (Calgary) did a great talk on the life and Shaheedi of Bhai Mani Singh Ji.

 Bhai Satpal Singh's talk on Houmai.

Sri Sukhmani Sahib doing activities break

Sri Sukhmani last Astpaddee in Keertan roop

Bhai Satpal Singh's talk on Kaam.

Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji giving advice on how to deal with Kaam.

Bhai Mandheer Singh (USA) talk on the need of having a Guru in your life

Bhai Bir Singh 'Degh-wale'. The Degh he makes has become famous worlwide (plus his Degh sandwich!)

Bhai Harman Singh doing a talk on Krodh (anger)

Bhai Anantvir Singh leading Keertan workshop

 Bhai Harman Singh doing Keertan

 Sukhaasan Seva

 When a small group photo grows three times in size by the time the photographer presses click.

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