Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Greenwood (Indiana) Summer Gurmat Camp 2017...

From 17th July to 23rd July, Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Greenwood (Indiana, USA), held its annual summer Gurmat Camp. Bhai Baljit Singh and the local Sangat organized the camp. Speakers were invited from across the USA and Canada. Approximately 300 people participated in the week-long camp. With Guru Sahib's Grace, the camp was a great success. Both parents and children showed great enthusiasm to learn and progress in their Sikhi.

Some photos from the camp:

Morning Nitnem of Panj Banian being recited by campers

Morning Hukamnama being taken by a camper.

Bapu Sadhu Singh Ji (Fresno) explaining the fundamentals of Gurmat to the elder group

Youngest group playing a game

 Elder group learning Santhiya

Campers learning the difference in living between a Gurmukh and Manmukh

Children designing posters on Gurmat and Manmat

Bapu Sadhu Singh Ji taken the parents class on the importance of Amrit and Gursikhi Jeevan

Langar time 

 On hearing about the death of Bhai Jagraj Singh (Basics of Sikhi), Bhai Harman Singh leads Chaupai Sahib Jaap and share's some reflections on Veer Ji's life and achievements

 Sangat paying their respects to Bhai Jagraj Singh after hearing of his death

Young campers busy at work

Bhenji prepared and presented a fantastic presentation on inspiring Sikh women

Campers present to their group their presentation. 

Campers present to their group their presentation. 

Future parchaariks using presentaton skills to deliver a talk on Sikh women

Campers taking notes from the talks being presented by other campers

 Veer Keertan Singh. A very confident Naujawan, talking about inspiring Sikh women in history

 Bhenji is a promising future Sikh parchaarik. She showed great enthusiasm, confidence and study in her topic that she presented.

 Campers having opportunities to ride ponies

 Never seen a pony that small!

 Another great speaker and future parchaarik. It was so uplifting to hear these Naujawan speak and share with the Sangat what they have researched.

 Campers listening to the presentations

 Campers presenting their presentations

I was pleasantly surprised to see how confident and enthusiastic our fellow young sisters were in sharing Sikhi with others. 

End of camp test. The test was on the life of important Sikh women during the Guru period.

 Assembly at the end of the day

Campers doing Guru Ji's seva

 On the last day of camp, campers and parents had a day out in a nature park

 Sangat in the park

Daas and Bhai Harman Singh seeing who can reach the highest on the swings!

 Bhai Harman Singh sharing some Saakhis near the lake

 On the last day of my stay, the children of the Gursikh family I stayed with were given a task of finding out why taking Amrit is important. The children watched a video made by Gurmat Bibek on YouTube and made notes.

 After researching about Amrit, the children made a short video on why it is important to take Amrit.

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