Sunday, July 02, 2017

Oxford University 1984 Sikh Holocaust Memorial Event...

On Saturday 10th June, a 1984 Sikh holocaust memorial event was held at Oxford University. The event was organised by Bhenji Gurpal Kaur of the Oxford University Sikh Society. I was invited to deliver a talk on the events of the June 1984 holocaust. The event was mostly attended by non-Sikhs who showed great interest to know about genocide committed by the Indian State against Sikhs.

The talk was followed by a minute's silence and candle-light vigil. The candle lights had nicely been arranged in the shape of 'Ik Oankaar'. Bhenji Gurpal Kaur explained to those attending what the meaning of 'Ik Oankaar' is. 

The lighting of the candles symbolised that the memory of those who became martyrs and cause for what they stood for is still brightly shining today in our hearts and minds, and is something that will passed down to the future generations.

Near the end of the event, a Gujarati Hindu brother who attended the event approached me. He asked many questions regarding the Sikh freedom struggle and the Sikh demands for sovereign rule, as well as other questions. After a lengthy polite discussion, the young man asked, "Would you mean, if you tied a turban on me?" He said that he had wanted to have a turban tied on him for attending a final leaving event as part of a cultural dress, however after hearing the talk on 1984, he realized how having a Dastaar tied on was a very befitting tribute to the martyrs of 1984. In June 1984, Sikh pilgrims had their Dastaars removed and dishonoured, and in November 1984 Sikhs had their turbans removed before being killed in cold blood, and today a Hindu brother wanted to honour those who had died and been martyred by wearing a Dastaar.  


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