Thursday, July 20, 2017

Loving Tribute to Bhai Jagraj Singh (Basics of Sikhi)...

Today our brother, Bhai Jagraj Singh from Basics of Sikhi, left his earthly body and was sent summons by Akaal Purakh. It is a great loss for the Panth. Veer Ji showed great dedication to sharing Sikhi with the world. Where most of us drown our lives absorbed in WhatsApp, Facebook and selfish pursuits, Veer Ji showed us to get out of our comfort zones and recognise our duty and responsibility bestowed upon us by the Guru to share the bliss, happiness and peace that Sikhi offers the world.

Veer Ji was the founder and CEO of Basics of Sikhi. With Guru Ji's Kirpaa (Grace), Basics of Sikhi has revolutionised Sikhi Parchaar, and Veer Ji's contribution to this Seva will be remembered when the history of Sikhi in the 21st century is written. Guru Ji had blessed Veer Ji with inspiring many with his style and approach to Parchaar. He showed courage and boldness in beginning street Parchaar and reaching out to the wider public in sharing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Sikhi, engaging in debates with other religions' speakers, making Sikhi accessible on YouTube, and systematically teaching Sikhi via Sikh courses throughout the country and world. Most importantly, with Guru Ji's Grace, he has inspired others to step up to the mark to share Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Sikhi with the world. A Parchaarik course has been started, and more and more young Sikhs from the West are pursuing a life vocation of Parchaar of Sikhi.

Bhai Jagraj Singh doing street Parchaar on the streets of UK
Bhai Jagraj Singh delivering the "Why Guru?" course, introducing Sikhi for beginners.

Veer Ji will be greatly missed. I hope his inspiration continues after his death, and countless generations will be inspired to get up and do something for the Panth. May we all live and die as the Khalsa as Veer Ji mentions in his speech in the above video.


Davinder Romana said...

#WhatCanWeSay #WordsCannotDoTheManJustice

Unknown said...

Vaheguroo 🙏🏽. Bhai Jagraj touched many lives and lit the flame of sikhi inside many hearts. He also educated non Sikhs about our beliefs, history and values. Maharaj has a special place for Veerji. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh 🙏🏽