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New Zealand Trip 2016-17: Meeting Mata Gurdev Kaur Ji... (Part 1)

During Khalsa Camp New Zealand 2016, someone humbly asked both Bhai Surjit Singh Nadala Ji and I, if we could visit an elderly Gursikh Mata Ji who lived far away on a farm. It was said that the Bibi was a Chardikala Gursikh, and due to old age she cannot travel far, but she would appreciate us visiting her. The same request was repeated by someone else on visiting Australia after the camp. 

On arriving back in New Zealand from Australia, a programme was made to visit the elderly Mata Ji. The name of the Bibi Ji is Mata Gurdev Kaur Ji. Mata Ji, lived about 3 and half hours away from Auckland, where we were staying. The journey there was scenic open farmland, with very little villages or towns on the way. 

I had been told lots of things about this Mata Ji. I was told that she is a Naam-imbued soul and that she was blessed with the Sangat of Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji and Bhai Rama Singh Ji of Akhand Kirtani Jatha. Mata Ji always wears Bana (Khalsa attire) and keeps strict Bibek Rehat, which is not so common in that part of the world. In particular we had been told that Mata Ji's wish is that Gursikhs visit her and influence her family in adopting Gursikhi, as her children have not followed the Guru's Path as she had hoped. Mata Ji, despite being 80 years old, and physically unable to walk without a walking frame, she cooks her own food and daily does the seva of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji at their home.

Bhai Navraj Singh (Derby), young Amritdhari pilot
Veer Navraj Singh from Derby (UK), who was at the time training to be a pilot in New Zealand, brought it to my attention that Mata Gurdev Kaur Ji is mentioned in Bhai Rama Singh Ji's book 'In Search of the True Guru'. In the actual book she is called 'Bibi Ranjeet Kaur'. I know it is her because she took Amrit from Hazoor Sahib and is a 'Bibeki', i.e. adheres and lives by all the Hukams of Guru Sahib. He showed me a paragraph from the online PDF version of the book. The book states:
"Our Jatha arrived in New Zealand on 31 December. The sangat welcomed us very warmly. There is a beautiful Gurdwara in Auckland. Arrangements were made for the Jatha to stay there. The sangat was very impressed to hear Bibi Manjit Kaur's melodious kirtan and to see her in Gursikhi dress. We held Amrit Sanchaar, the first in this country. We met a very d evoted lady, Bibi Ranjeet Kaur She had received Amrit initiation from Sri Hazoor Sahib and was a bibekee i.e. one who lived an austere life style according to strict standards of rehat. Every day she would pray, "O, True King, be kind to us . Please send your Singhs so that people here can receive Amrit initiation." Our Jatha performed the Amrit Sanchaar and many Singhs and Singhanis joined the Sikhi fold. This lady told us with great affection, “Today, the True King has answered my prayers!" During the Amrit Sanchaar, Rain-Sabaaee Kirtan continued in the main Gurdwara sangat hall. When the Panj Piaray led the procession of those who had been initiated into the main sangat hall, many others were so moved by the spiritual impact, that they too desired Amrit initiation."
Bibi Jagjit Kaur Ji, an American Singhni (pictured in the centre), who visited New Zealand with Bhai Rama Singh Ji

Sangat of New Zealand during the Parchaar tour of Bhai Rama Singh Ji

On 2nd January 2017, the Sangat from Auckland got together and visited Mata Ji's farmhouse. Both Bhai Surjit Singh Ji and I were longing to see this Gursikh Mata Ji and have Darshan. The place were Mata Ji lives is very secluded and there is no nearby Sikh community or Gurdwara Sahib. They don't even have any neighbours. 

On arrival, we first met Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Guru Sahib's room had a very strong spiritual vibration. Intrigued by the intense spiritual vibrations in Guru Ji's room, I opened the next room's door to see if that room also had such Naam vibrations. The room that had opened was Mata Ji's bedroom, and her room had the same peaceful and intense spiritual vibrations. After meeting Guru Ji, we all shared Guru's Fateh with Mata Ji and her family.

To be continued...

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