Sunday, April 23, 2017

Banbury Children's Sikh Camp...

On Monday 17th April, the first ever children's Gurmat Camp was held at Banbury Gurdwara in Oxfordshire with the help of Khalsa Foundation. With Guru Sahib's Grace the camp was successful with both parents and children enjoying the day.

Considering how small the population of the local Sikh community, the camp was attended by around 15 children. This is a small town, where when I was younger we never had any Kesdhari children visible or even Amritdharis at the Gurdwara. Now, with Guru Ji's Kirpaa (blessings), children have asked their parents to stop cutting their kesh, there are Amritdharis in the town, and children come to the Gurdwara wearing Bana. This is the miracle of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj! 

Bhai Vijay Singh Ji and Bhenji Kirpa Kaur Ji blessed the local Sangat with sharing Gurmat with the children. It was amazing that all the children 7 years and above were taught a Simran tune on the vaaja. This was great achievement for those who have never touched a Vaja before. 

The local Sangat has asked Khalsa Foundation sevadars to come back soon and do another camp for the children. If you would like them to come to your local town to do a Sikhi camp or do a talk for the Sangat, then you can book them on their website. Also a big thank you Bhenji Ranjeet Kaur from 'Sikh Colouring' who provided colouring activity books for the camp that she has especially designed for children.

Some photos from the day: 

We started the camp with the importance of doing Simran and the meaning of Mool Mantar

Chilldren doing Simran at the start of the camp

 Bhai Vijay Singh discusses the importance of good character for a Sikh with the elder group. Despite some technical difficulties, the children eagerly listened to Bhai Sahib and got fully engaged.
Bhenji Kirpa Kaur discussing what Amrit means using 'Sikh colouring' books.

Bhai Vijay Singh teaching children how to do simple Simran tunes on the Vaaja

Children learning how to do Simran on the Vaaja

Children taught other children how to do Simran on the Vaaja

Children learnt about reincarnation, the soul and the purpose of life through some creative props.
Children learning watching a video about the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Group quiz on the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Bhai Vijay Singh with the youngest group making posters relating to the message of the Mool Mantar.

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