Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The True Decoration...

Someone was doing Keertan and this line was in the Shabad. It made me think that if we do not follow what Vaheguru Ji says and do what we think is right but still decorate our bodies with Guru's jee roop and Panj Kakkaar then its useless!
I was sitting in the Keertan contemplating this one line....
If we wear a dastaar but do not wake up Amrit vela,
if we keep Kesh but laugh at people at other's expense,
if we wear a Kirpaan but do not do regular Naam Abhiaas for one or two hours,
if we wear a Kara but do not do Nitnem,
or if we keep Sarbloh and yet have no maturity or humility,
then Guru Ji says our outside Sikhi we show the world is all "useless and false".
May Guru ji bless us all that we can truly please him and that our outward decorations and Sikhi are expressions of accepting Vaheguru Ji's Hukam. Vaheguru!

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