Monday, December 05, 2016

Please pray for Bhai Jagraj Singh...

Most of the Sangat will now be aware that our dear brother, Bhai Jagraj Singh, has been diagnosed with stage four advanced cancer that has spread to his liver and is inoperable, after an announcement was made last Wednesday. Veer Ji is the founder and CEO of Basics of Sikhi. The Everythings 13 team that runs Basics of Sikhi and other Sikh initiatives announced that Bhai Jagraj Singh might only have a few months to live.

With Guru Ji's Kirpaa (Grace), Basics of Sikhi has revolutionised Sikhi Parchaar, and Veer Ji's contribution to this Seva will be remembered when the history of Sikhi in the 21st century is written. Guru Ji has blessed Veer Ji with inspiring many with his style and approach to Parchaar. He showed courage and boldness in beginning street Parchaar and reaching out to the wider public in sharing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Sikhi, engaging in debates with other religions' speakers, making Sikhi accessible on YouTube, and systematically teaching Sikhi via Sikh courses throughout the country and world. Most importantly, with Guru Ji's Grace, he has inspired others to step up to the mark to share Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Sikhi with the world. A Parchaarik course has been started, and more and more young Sikhs from the West are pursuing a life vocation of Parchaar of Sikhi.

Bhai Jagraj Singh speaking to Arise TV about the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

Bhai Jagraj Singh answering the questions of a Muslim preacher, Dawah Man.
Bhai Jagraj Singh doing street Parchaar on the streets of UK
Bhai Jagraj Singh representing Sikhs on BBC's Big Question show
Bhai Jagraj Singh and Bhai Baljit Singh doing informative shows on Anand Karaj on Akaal Channel
Bhai Jagraj Singh doing Katha on weekly English divaan at Park Avenue Gurdwara Southall
Bhai Jagraj Singh delivering the "Why Guru?" course, introducing Sikhi for beginners.

When announcing to the Sangat last week, Bhai Jagraj Singh shared the following message with the Sangat:
“Only SatGuru Ji can give or take life away and they are never wrong, only perfect. In all the Seva that Guru Ji allowed me to do of his beautiful Panth, I’ve made many mistakes and I ask forgiveness from the Sangat. If the Guru’s message has touched you and you feel it’s the truth, I urge you to follow that truth and become a GurSikh as none of us knows how long we have left. Please do Ardaas that Guru Ji gives me a place in his Charan and keeps my family and the Panth in Chardi-Kala. May the Panth flourish, even if I am finished, this is pure joy for me.” 

Bhai Jagmeet Singh and family with Bhai Jagraj Singh and his 2 children
Bhai Jagmeet Singh, who did Seva with Basics of Sikhi, made a post on the Internet that really touched my heart. He wrote that he went to visit Bhai Jagraj Singh with his wife and baby days before he got the diagnosis for cancer. When discussing possible outcomes and death, Bhai Jagmeet Singh writes that "with a beautiful smile, "Singh, don't worry. I already died 16 years ago. This has all been borrowed time." The glow on his face was incredible when he said this... Jagraj Singh bhaji's mission in this life is to help liberate others and attach them to the Charan of Guru Sahib Ji. I know many of us feel powerless at this time and wish there is something that we can do to help. There is...Pray."

Globally the Sangat has been doing Ardaas for the Chardi-Kala of Bhai Jagraj Singh and his family. On Sunday 4th December, a special programme was held at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Southall, where Sangat did Chaupai Sahib Jaap and Ardaas for Veer Ji. Thousands of Sangat gathered for taking part in the Ardaas for Veer Ji. Sangat attended from across the country, and there whole Gurdwara was fully packed out. Over the weekend, I was in Spain for Seva, and the Sangat in various Gurdwaras in Spain did Chaupai Sahib Jaap and Ardaas for Veer Ji.

On Sunday Bhai Jagraj Singh did a moving speech at the end of the Southall programme, in which he asked Sangat: "Don't do Ardaas for me to have a long life, but that I remain in Maharaj's Charan (Holy-Feet), and that my family, the Khalsa, prosper..."

I do Ardaas that Satguru Ji blesses us with more sevadaars like Bhai Jagraj Singh who can help change the world for better. Veer Ji and his family is all of our thoughts and prayers.

Bhai Jagraj Singh and his family

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Harj Singh said...

Devastating news.

Jagraj is such an influential figurehead for the Basics of Sikhi movement, that his loss will be missed.

I hope they are making succession plans to continue the forward momentum they have generated by appointing someone as knowledgeable, personable and charismatic as Jagraj.

Stay in Chardi Kala my friend.