Monday, September 19, 2016

Anmol Bachan: Points regarding Keertan and coming to the Gurdwara...

Master Niranjan Singh Ji speaking at Khalsa Camp BC in 2010
Master Niranjan Singh Ji (Gurdaspur) was one of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Ji's favourite Keertanis. Master Ji told us some important points about Keertan and entering Guru Ji's Darbaar at Khalsa Camp BC some year ago:
  1. If Sangat is present, never jump on to a Vaja to do Keertan unless requested as otherwise it can boost one's ego, which brings one down. Keertan done in Ego will not be considered Bhagti nor pleasing to the Guru (or Sangat). Keertan in Ego has no Rass.
  2. If Sangat asks you to do Keertan never decline, otherwise you are making the Sangat ask you again which is like pleading that will boost your ego as well.
  3. Listen to the next Kirtani. Do not get up and leave straight after you have done Kirtan. Appreciate Gurbani and other Gursikhs.
  4. When coming to Guru Ji's Darbaar Ji it was important to dress fit to visit the King of kings. A Gursikh should wear Bana (Khalsa attire) and be presentable. Master Ji mentioned the worrying trend of Amritdharis wearing t-shirts, shorts (pants) and jeans to Gurdwara. Wearing Bana can inspire another member of the Sangat.
  5. A Gursikh should be always tyaar-bar-tyaar (ready to go) to do any seva, and therefore ensure they have had Keshi ishnaan (full bath including hair) if they have been for toilet, and wearing clean clothes.

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