Monday, February 01, 2016

A Non-Sikh who inspires me to become a better Sikh...

"Bring Back Humanity" is the mission of a young Indian man called Varun Pruthi. An actor and producer by profession, this young man makes videos on the Internet to inspire others to become more compassionate and humanity-loving. His slogan is "The only way to buy happiness is to give happiness." His website is:, and his YouTube page is:

Brother Varun Pruthi shows how even giving away something quite insignificant in value to us can put a smile on someone's face and bring them happiness, which in return brings happiness to the person helping. He does social experiments in public places and records them in order to highlight the heroes of humanity and bring humanity back to the public that are watching.  It embarrassed me that years ago when I went to India, I would try to bargain with the Rickshaw driver from 20 Rupees to 10 Rupees and then say "Is 15 Rupees okay?" It is sad, that these people are poor and work harder than most of us and yet many of us try to pay them less. If we helped such people with acts of kindness, these people would say, "Today, God came to me in the form of a Sikh and helped me."

One thing which really struck me about Brother Varun Pruthi is when he helps people, he says, "God has sent me to give this to you." Guru Ji called his Khalsa, "Akaal Purkh Kee Fauj" (the Army of the Timeless God). We had a divine mission to do God's work in this world and let Vahiguru work through us. But it is sad when Amritdharis become satisfied and happy enough with just limiting themselves to doing our personal Amritvela, Nitnem (daily prayers) and Sehaj Paath (reading of Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji) and think there is no need to get involved in seva, helping the Panth and serving humanity. People ask where is God, and Guru Ji said you will see God in the Khalsa "Deedaar Khalsa Da". How? Through the work of the Khalsa. Letting go of ourselves and giving room for God, will allow God to work through us. It is hard to achieve, but trying is a starting point.

It is a commendable effort and very humbling to see Varun Pruthi do this Seva. I must say watching these videos have inspired me in recognizing I need to become a better Sikh and pray that we can one day call ourselves the Khalsa of the Guru. 

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