Sunday, November 01, 2015

1984: A Sikh Mother's remaining memories of her son...

Above is a photo of a Sikh mother whose son was dragged out of the house by mobs in November in 1984. The mobs removed his Dastaar and got scissors out. Despite the pleas of the mothers, the killers of the Sikhs killed the young boy's connection with his eternal Guru, his Kesh. After cutting his hair and dishonouring him in the most horrible way a Sikh can imagine. They then put a tyre around his neck and burnt him alive.

This mother is holding her son's passport with his photo with his proud Sikh appearance in one hand and the other the remains of her son's desecrated cut hair. When she looks at other young Sikhs she sees her own son within them.

Dear Sikh brothers and sisters, before cutting your own hair with scissors in your own very hands, take one look in this mother's eyes and tell her what you are about to do. Vaheguru!

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