Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Power of Sohila Sahib...

Author: Mandeep Singh
A Gursikh businessman once met an African man who approached him and began talking to him and asking him to come join him for a coffee. The African man was being very friendly but also very inquisitive about the Gursikh and was repeatedly asking what he does at night. The Gursikh was suspicious about his questions and asked him why he wanted to know. The African man said he was curious. So the Gursikh said that he has his evening meal and watches a bit of TV then goes to bed.
But the African man kept enquiring further as to what else he does. By this time the Gursikh was concerned about the personal and private detail that he was asking for and demanded why he wanted to know.
So the African man told him. He said that he was a Voodoo practioner and was paid to put Black Magic on him to make him ill and ruin his business. For the past few nights he had stood outside the Gursikh's house and sent Black magic to affect the Singh. But to his dismay the Black magic spells kept returning back to him. After such time he realised his black magic wasn't working and now he has quit his job.
So that's why he was asking the Gursikh about what he does at night that gives him the Power to withstand and repel the black magic that was sent his way.
Then the Gursikh realised what it was. Every night he recites the Sikh prayer of Sohila Sahib as part of his daily Nitnem before going to bed. This is meant to provide a spiritual force field of protection around anyone who does so. He didn't know how true that was until just then!

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