Monday, October 26, 2015

Anmol Bachan: Bhagat Puran Singh Ji on Devotion to Vaheguru...

Bhagat Puran Singh on Bhagti

If you make your morning, you've made your day. Don't be irritated by trivial matters. Make sure you take time in the morning for silent, solitary reflection.

Daily have a talk with God. He is a true friend and "It is so natural to discuss with a friend your ambitions and aspirations, your plans and programmes, your failures and frustrations and ask him to help you". We may not be able to at first see Him or hear Him, but be certain that He does see and hear you.

We will meet God only when He is sure that "you truly need Him and nothing besides."
Prayer is not easy: "A holy man driving a car, met a beggar on the way. The beggar exclaimed, "If only I too became a holy man, a man of prayer, I would have a car!"

"Prayer is not that easy" said the holy man. "If you say too(n) thaakur tum pai ardaas... with a concentated mind, the car (and much more) can belong to you"

"Wonderful!" Said the astonished beggar. Joining his hands and closing his eyes he said the prayer aloud, "Too(n) thakur tum pai ardaas. Jeeo pind sabhi teree raas..."

Suddenly in mid prayer, his eyes opened up and he asked, "Shall I have a garage along with car? Else where would I keep it???" Moral: concentrated prayer is not an easy task.

Make God your life partner: He can be a partner in your daily life and all activities and miracles can happen. Rest assured that there is no problem which you and God cannot solve together and no situation you cannot handle together.

A loving relationship is based on a feeling of being needed. Think about when you have felt closest to someone. It is quite possibly a time when you have been needed by them. Feeling needed and wanted is something that fosters love not only between humans but also with God. When God knows you need Him and only Him and have no other support, He will then come to you.

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