Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Khalsa Camp BC 2015 - Photos...

Khalsa Camp BC (Canada) took place from 26th to 31st August 2015. This was the fifth successful year of Khalsa Camp BC. It was very impressive to see how the camp has grown and developed over the years. The camp was well organised and the atmosphere was inspirational! It was great to have darshan of so many Gurmukhs this year.

This years camp had a range of speakers which included Bhai Santbir Singh jee (Toronto), Bhai Jagjit Singh (UK), Bhai Shaminder Singh (BC), Giani Kulwinder Singh (BC), Bhenji Gurminder Kaur (BC), and Bhai Paramjit Singh Khalsa (Anandpur Sahib wale). Bhai Davinder Singh (California) also attended and held workshops.

I found the whole camp amazing! Great atmosphere, great Gursikh speakers, and great Sangat. The most memorable thing about the camp was the mosquitos and being bitten over and over again and being swamped by mosquitos! Vaheguru!

The camp left a very positive impression on my mind and I found it very uplifting and beneficial. May Guru Sahib continue to bless the Sangat and may their flourish in Gursikhi.

Some of the photos from the camp (taken from Khalsa Camp BC Facebook):





Langar Seva

Bhai Santbir Singh workshop

Bhenji Gurminder Kaur did an amazing talk!

Evening Questions and Answers session

 Gatka by Veer Harman Singh



Talk by Bhai Shaminder Singh

 In the workshop we were lucky enough to have Bhai Prabhsimran Singh, a white-Canadian Gursikh share his experiences of how he becoming an Amritdhari Singh.

 Calligraphy workshop

Calligraphy workshop

 Workshop with Bhai Jagjit Singh

Workshop with Bhai Davinder Singh

Bhai Harveen Singh was previously from UK and is currently living in BC

Bhai Paramjit Singh Khalsa 

 Giani Kulwinder Singh's talk on Gurbani


 Campers doing Satguru Ji's seva

Deg Seva

 End of camp closing comments

 A lovely Gursikh that I share the week with at Khalsa Camp BC - Baba Harbans Singh Ji. Baba Ji had so much knowledge and wisdom and deep reflections on Gurbani, yet so much humility and also lots of humour. Vaheguru!

 Bus journey back home from camp

Group photo on arrival back from camp

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