Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter to send your local MP if you live in the UK...

As British Sikhs, sending a quick simple email to our local MP to raise questions about human rights violations of Sikhs in India with the Foreign Office and Indian High Commissioner, is the least we can do for the cause of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa.

Letter template below:

Dear (Insert name of MP)
As a resident in your constituency, I am deeply concerned about the continued human rights violations of the minority Sikh community in India.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa is an 83 year old grandfather, who was an American resident that travelled  back to Punjab, India to support the campaign to free political prisoners languishing in Indian jails, many of whom have served years beyond their terms. As part of a non violent protest he took up a Hunger strike on 16th January 2015 and is now over 160 days and counting.

The Indian authorities are more focused on trying to end Bapu Surat Singh's protest by forcibly arresting him and feeding him against his will in hospital, than addressing the real issues and concerns of the wider Sikh and human rights community worldwide.

This humanitarian cause highlights the plight of many minorities in India that are treated secondary by both the legal and political system, despite India calling itself the world’s largest democracy. Whilst this campaign has had huge support on social media, the mainstream media and international western governments have remained quiet, and their stance on Human Rights violations unclear and compromised.

The matter was raised in writing with the Foreign Secretary by the Sikh community on 21 May and a request made for a meeting. Nearly six weeks later the Sikh community has had no response. As my representative in Parliament, I request and urge you to contact the following to raise my concerns and ask specific questions regarding their understanding and actions in relation to Bapu Surat Singh and his campaign.
  1. Write to the Foreign Secratary to determine the UK Government position & actions to date with India
  2. Write to the Indian High Commissioner in London to ask how India are dealing with this serious issue
  3. Consider other initiatives, interventions or public statements that you and the UK Government are able to take concerning this matter

 Please send me a copy of any letters you write and any subsequent responses.

 I look forward to receiving your reply in due course.

Insert your Name
Address & Postcode

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