Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Remembering the Shaheeds of 1984...

Author: Bhai Vijay Singh UK

As we remember the shaheeds of 1984 and salute their sacrifices,
we should ask ourselves have we truly valued and taken benefit from their shaheedi (martyrdom)?
How have we moved forward? Are we still ghulaam (enslaved)?

Gurbani says that when Gursikhs leave this world, their names are never forgotten. But WE have forgotten.
We've forgotten those who smiled when their end came because they had sacrificed their all for what they loved most - their Panth.
It's time to wake up and recognise your responsibility.
You sit in your house on your comfortable sofa, watching your TV, feeling happy because you did your Nitnem that morning.
Ask yourself, what do you do for the Panth?

IF your answer is NOTHING... Then recognise Guru is calling for your shaheedi too. We all need to give shaheedi... HOW?
Sacrifice your time to do much needed seva;
Get involved in local/national projects;
Start up kids classes;
Work with gursikh groups to support our community and fight for our rights;
Give up your money to support the Panth.
The Panth's future is in YOUR hands.

Or forget this message and carry on living your comfortable little lives and forget the Panth... Who cares about the Panth?


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