Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Anti-Sikhi Parchaar (Part 1): Introduction

It is very worrying how anti-Sikh parchaar is happening within us by those who look like Gursikhs and claim to stand by the Panthic Sikh Rehat Maryada but undermine the very fundamentals of Sikhi like Gurmantar, Amrit-vela, Nitnem, Bibek, Bana, and Dasam Bani. These views seem to stem from the Kala-Afghana group which go further to deny the existence of reincarnation, an after life, Sachkhand, Dharam raaj, Jamdoot, need to wear Panj Kakkaar. What's left?

Anyone is entitled to have their own views, however, it is worrying when someone with views not aligned to Gurbani tries to "convert" others visiting the Gurdwara to learn from the Guru with an "in your face" approach and confuse innocent members of the Sangat who may lack knowledge of Gurbani to begin with. From my personal experience, this anti-Sikh parchaar is done by targeting people one-to-one in Gurdwaras and Sikh events and claiming to want to have a “Gurmat vichaar” and “learn from you”. They will use Gurbani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee to justify their claims and attacks on the basics and fundamentals of Sikhi, confusing most people. It is very alarming how innocent minded people who lack knowledge can be so easily manipulated into questioning the fundamentals of Sikhi and be made to break away from Rehat and Gurbani in a cunning way.

It is important that we are firstly have the awareness to identify such vichaar that undermines Sikhi and breaks one from Rehat and Gurbani. Such individuals avoid talking to the whole Sangat (I am guessing as they may be challenged) and instead seek to brainwash people sitting in the Langar hall or stop someone outside the Gurdwara Sahib. Every Sikh should be self-aware and able to spot whether the person talking to them is seeking to increase your spirituality or destroy your spirituality, increase your love for Sikhi and Rehat or destroy it, etc. Take good from all, however when someone is saying something break's one's spirituality and contradicts Gurbani that one should be able to either walk away or lovingly explain to the person that you don't wish to hear such views.

Sikhs have been killed in holocausts and genocidal campaigns however, Sikhs have always recovered from mass loss of lives. Sikhs have always remained in Chardi Kalaa and recovered from great physical hardships imposed on them in history. Those that seek to destroy Sikhs and Sikhi, have taken a new approach now. If Sikhs cannot die, then kill their Sikhi. However, the attack in not from only outside but people planted within or perhaps being used without them even knowing. If Sikh begins to undermine the Guru’s Rehat, begin questioning the source of his or her existence (i.e. Nitnem Banian), and source of life of his or her people (i.e. Naam), then no tanks, guns or poisonous gas is needed to kill the Sikh, the Sikh will die within.

Every Sikh needs to be aware of the new attempts of an ideological genocide of Sikhi. History books are being re-written, historical Gurdwaras are being destroyed and rebuilt in the name of Kaar-seva, and now people dressed as Sikhs are within us preaching against the fundamentals of Sikhi in the disguise of “Gurmat Parchaar”. This is not by particular speakers or personalities, however, now groups of individuals living in communities are doing the best to break locals away from Rehat, Gurbani and Naam – without which a Sikh cannot be a Sikh.

The upcoming few posts will expose such attacks on Sikh fundamentals of Nitnem Banian, Bibek, Bana, Gurmantar, Naam and some Gurmat based responses using Gurbani and Panthic Sikh Rehat Maryada.

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