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Dharam Dee Chaadar - Sri Guru Teg Bahadar Jee... (Part 4)


Guru Jee's Shaheedi
After the three beloved Sikhs of the Guru had been brutally killed, it had began to get dark. The Qazi decided that the rest of the proceedings will continue tomorrow morning. That night Guru jee was kept in cage under strict supervision. On the morning of 11th November, the drums were beaten in the streets of Delhi and it was announced that today Guru Teg Bahadar jee was to beheaded. Thousands of people gathered. At 11am Sri Guru Teg Bahadar jee was brought back from the cage and given the choice of either accepting Islam, performing a miracle or accept death. Guru Teg Bahadar jee refused to give up his faith. He said, "You wish to see miracles? It has happened before your own eyes. What greater miracle than someone happily be sawn alive whilst immersed in the Almighty! What greater miracle than someone happily being boiled alive but not utter a cry or sigh! What greater miracle than someone being burnt alive and remain fearless!" "No! We want to see you perform a miracle. We want you to show if you have powers." Guru jee replied, "This is not pleasing to the Men of God. This is not a magic show or drama. It is against God's Will to perform such acts to show off." Guru jee happily accepted death. Guru jee was asked his last wish. He asked that firstly, he is allowed to have a bath, and secondly that he is allowed to recite Japji Sahib. Guru jee was allowed to have a bath at nearby well and after reciting Japji Sahib he was beheaded by Jalaaludeen, an executioner from Samana. The government announced that anybody that would claim the body or try to attain it would be sentenced to death.

The Role of Bhai Jaita JeePreviously Bhai Jaita jee, his father (Bhai Sada Nand jee) and some other Sikhs of Delhi had gathered at Bhai Agya Raam jee's house, who was Bhai Jaita jee's uncle. Here they discussed how they would recover the Guru's head. During the first quarter of the night Bhai Jaita jee along with his father Bhai Sada Nand jee, his uncle Bhai Agya Raam jee and Bhai Uday jee succeed in approaching Guru jee’s dead body taking the cover of the pitch-dark, taking advantage of the torrential rains and creeping near the walls of the residential houses. According Bhai Jaita jee's own account of the incident recorded in 'Shri Guru Katha' (page 35), to the pre-devised plan, Bhai Jaita jee's father sacrificed himself and got beheaded by own his son so that his body and head could be exchanged with those of Guru jee. The Head of Police of Chandi Chowk, Hassan Abdullah, has assisted in this act. Guru jee's head was wrapped in material and placed in a basket and brought to Anandpur Sahib. The journey from Delhi to Anandpur Sahib was 340 km. He took advantage of the dark of the night and rainy weather and deceiving the royal forces. He made five stops on the way, in which various devotees had the great fortune of having a holy glimpse at the Guru and doing the seva of Bhai Jaita jee and Guru jee's severed head. 

Cremation of the Guru's Head 
Following a zig-zag passage and passing through Bagpat, Taraori, Ambala, Nabha etc. Bhai Jaita jee reached Kiratpur Sahib on 15th November 1675. Arriving at Kiratpur Sahib he sent someone to send a message to the Guru's family that he wished to meet them at Kiratpur Sahib. Sri Guru Gobind Rai jee accompanied by Guru Teg Bahadar jee's elderly mother, Mata Nanaki jee, and his wife, Mata Gujri jee, along with other Sikhs arrived at Kiratpur Sahib. The first person to have a holy glimpse at the severed head of the Guru was Mata Nanaki jee. Seeing her son's head, she placed both her hands on the head and gave her love. The next person to have a holy glimpse at Guru jee's head was Mata Gujri jee. Seeing the head she said, "Just as you have walked the Path and passed the test of faith, may I also pass the test of faith." Then nine-year old Sri Gobind Rai jee had a holy glimpse of his father's head and repeated, "For the sake of Dharam (righteousness) my father gave his head, but he never gave up his faith." From here, Guru jee's head was taken to Anandpur Sahib in the form of a Nagar Keertan (procession). At Anandpur Sahib at the place now named Gurdwara Sees Ganj Sahib, Guru jee's head was cremated. Sri Guru Gobind Rai jee embraced Bhai Jaita jee and granted him the title of “Ranghreta Guru Ka Beta” (i.e. The young man of the Ranghar caste is the Guru's own beloved son). (Note: The Ranghar caste was the people whose one of the ancestors were born out of mixed parentage of couple following Hindu and Muslim religion, and thus were outcasted out of Hindu religion).

To be continued...

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