Monday, November 24, 2014

Dharam Dee Chaadar - Sri Guru Teg Bahadar Jee... (Part 2)


Leaving Anandpur Sahib
Knowing that he was not going to return back from Delhi, Guru jee made arrangements before leaving Anandpur Sahib. On 8th July 1675, Guru Teg Bahadar jee appointed his son, Sri Gobind Rai jee, to be the next Guru and performed the formal ceremony for Guruship. On 11th July, Guru jee left Anandpur Sahib for Delhi. Before leaving, he instructed all the Sangat that they should obey and follow his son, Sri Gobind Rai jee. Guru jee's mother, Mata Nanaki jee, came and placed her hands on Guru jee's head and gave her love and blessings. Five Sikhs leave with Guru jee towards Delhi - Bhai Mati Daas jee, Bhai Sati Daas jee, Bhai Dyaala jee, Bhai Uday jee and Bhai Gurditta jee. 

Courting Arrest

Guru jee along with Bhai Mati Daas jee, Bhai Sati Daas jee and Bhai Dyaala jee, courted arrest on 4th November 1675 in Delhi and were detained at a police station that was known to be haunted ("Bhootaa Da Haveli"). The other two Gursikhs and a Sikh of Delhi called Bhai Jaita jee didn't court arrest and instead kept intelligence of what was happening. The cruel jailer's name was Sayyid Hassan Abdulla who was from Mani Majra, near Chandigarh. Guru jee was kept a cage in which one cannot stand nor lie down and had nails on the sides. One day, at 1.45am, Hassan Abdulla came to check up on Guru jee, fearing he didn't escape. Guru jee was doing Nitnem (prayers). Hearing the sweet words of Gurbani from the pure mouth of Guru jee, Hassan Abdulla's heart melted and he fell at the feet of the Guru. He asked Guru jee, "Please forgive me. I wish to give a sacrifice... I will get you back to Anandpur Sahib before sunrise. No one will know." Guru jee praised Hassan Abdulla's sentiments but reminded him that he has come on his own accord to give his life.  

The reaction of the Sikhs of Delhi
Respecting the wishes of Hassan Abdulla to do seva, Guru jee asked him to bring Bhai Jaita jee to visit him. Bhai Jaita jee had been outside the police station who was acting a sweeper in order to keep intelligence. According to Bansavalinama the Sikhs of Delhi gathered together at Bhai Naanoo jee's house and raised 1 Cror (10 million) rupees for the release of Guru jee. The Sikhs of Delhi could not stand by and not do anything. Bhai Jaita jee explained to Guru jee that the Sikhs of Delhi had approached the Qazi (Muslim priest) named Abbul Wahaab Bora. The Qazis took bribes and this Qazi had agreed to take a bribe and arrange for Guru jee to go back to Anandpur Sahib. Guru jee replied, "Who gave the Sangat the order to do such a thing? This is not my wish. I have come here to die and with my death crush Aurangzeb's tyranny." Guru jee instead gave Bhai Jaita jee a personal seva and said, "Aurangzeb wishes to chop my body into four and have the body parts hung from the four gates of Delhi to crush any fears of a revolt. However, your seva is to bring my head back to Anandpur Sahib." When asked about what will happen to rest of the body, Guru jee replied, "Don't worry, that will be taken care of."

To be continued...

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