Monday, September 01, 2014

Trip to New York (Part 2)...


I was very privileged to be able to stay at Bhai Sahib Jasjit Singh jee's house, a very Chardikala Gursikh in Carteret in New Jersey. I was very inspired by the family's dedication to Amrit-vela, Gurbani, Naam and Rehat. On Sunday 17th August, before going to Camp Chardi Kala Bhai Sahib took us to a children's keertan programme. 

One Sunday every month children get together from far and near at someone's house and are encouraged to do keertan and seva. Some people live in areas where the Gurdwara Sahib is not near to them. The programme is held at a different person's house every month. There are parents who have a rota and children to sign up to do seva. The seva includes: playing tablaa, singing a shabad, doing chaur sahib, reciting Ardaas, reading Hukamnama, and distributing Degh. The programme tries to encourage children to become confident to do seva of the Sangat and do things that perhaps otherwise they would not get an opportunity in a Gurdwara. 

The particular day I attended the children's programme, there was not much Sangat as most of the elder children had set off to Camp Chardi Kala. I was very impressed by the children and the local Gursikhs dedication to encourage children to get involved and learn about Sikhi. The sevadaars have taken a pro-active approach in doing something for the new generation. A lot of times we have so many ideas and talk, but little action. These Gursikhs take their time out and are investing in the future. There were some very blessed souls and their parents are very blessed. It shows that parents have dedicated to raising their children according to Gurmat and surround their children with as much Sikhi influence.

Some photos from the programme:

 A young bhenji doing keertan
 These are the daughters of the bhenji at whose house the programme was held. I think the young girl doing keertan must be 3 or 4 years old.
 Blessed 4 year old girl doing keertan and her brother playing Tablaa
 Blessed young Singh doing keertan 

Bhai Jasjit Singh jee's younger son doing keertan. I think the tablaa player must be 5 years old.

Young bhenji doing keertan with Bhai Jasjit Singh sitting nearby

Children ready for Degh seva.

 Children doing Chaur Sahib seva
 Hukamnama seva by a young boy. I think his age must be 6 or 7.

 Degh being distributed by children
Children playing after the programme

 Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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Anonymous said...

Always good too see when parents and other Sikhs make an effort to teach children the values of Gurbani and bana. God bless