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Toronto Singhs Camp 2014...

With the blessings of Guru Sahib, Toronto Singhs Camp was held from Wednesday 28th May to Sunday 1st June. This is the fourth year the camp has been running. Toronto Singhs Camp provides inspiration and motivation to young and old who want to discover the essence of Sikhi. The camp is aimed to reach out to people of different backgrounds and levels of understanding of Sikhi. The camp was attended by around 70 people. The camp is aimed at people aged 17 years and above. It is a great opportunity to experience Sikhi in a relaxed, friendly and spiritually charged environment. Toronto Singhs Camp 2014 took place at camp Kintail, a beautiful scenic camp site located in Southwestern Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron. The beautiful beach scenery and natural surroundings helped to connect with and appreciate the Creator.

The theme of the camp was "khanio tikhee vaalo nikkee et maaraj chalnaa" and looking at the idea of balance in Gurmat in relation to different topics. On Thursday, Bhai Mani Singh did a workshop on survival skills and facilitated capture the flag game, and in the evening Bhai Gursev Singh did a workshop on Gurmat's take on anger, domestic violence and leadership styles. Bhai Gursev Singh's lecture was not only very important and relevant to today's society, but it also challenged the campers minds on how and why we react to situations in certain ways. Very interesting and motivational session! On Friday Bhai Sarbjeet Singh did a workshop on self-defense and Shastar-vidiya. Bhai Sahib is very passionate about Sikhi. He teaches a mixed martial art which includes Gatka and other styles. In the afternoon, Daas did a lecture on Maya and living in this world. On Saturday Bhai Balpreet Singh from World Sikh Organization Canada did a thought-provoking and inspirational talk on the concept of Shaheedi in Gurmat. Who is a Shaheed and what does Shaheedi really mean. In the afternoon Bhai Amar Singh Nihang did a workshop on the beach on what is Dharam and issues relating to Kaam and Kalyug. The last workshop was on Sunday, looking at the concept of love and the obligation to adhere to Rehat and whether they link etc. 

The day began with mandatory Amrit-vela Naam Simran and Nitnem from 4am to 6am, followed by breakfast. Straight after the Nitnem, Aasa kee Vaar keertan took place and then there was breakfast. Yes. The camp was so Chardikala that they provide breakfast twice! lol. After a rest period campers had physical activities provided like water sports, rock climbing and zip wire etc. Then there was lunch followed by workshop/presentation. After a quick food break there was another workshop/presentation followed by Rehraas Sahib and evening Diwaan. The Keertan was just amazing at the camp. From amazing Rehraas Sahib sung on the Vaaja by a Bhaji to the moving keertan sung in Raag by campers. The night time activities included bonfire night, Rainsbaaee Keertan and a workshop talk. I must say the day was very packed but at the same time a lot of freedom and time to relax throughout the day.

The Sangat was really friendly and no one was made to feel like an outsider or feel alone. It was so nice to see the Panthic spirit in the camp with people associated to different Jathas doing Sangat with one another with no issues being made of small difference in understanding of Maryada. The camp sevadaars did amazing job in organising the camp! I must say the camp felt like a mini-Langar Smaagam. I have heard of three meals a day - but I think the Singhs in Toronto achieved a record by having about ten meals a day! Vaheguru. Having been to many camps, this camp and the Sangat left a very positive impression on my mind. I hope the camp sevadaars continue to do the good work and with Guru Sahib's blessings Toronto Singhs Camp grows in its success.

Some photos of the camp:
 Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee

"Jhooltay Nishaan Rehan Panth Maharaaj Ke..."

Amazing talk by Bhai Gursev Singh Toronto. Bhai Sahib's style of presentating is really interactive, fun and motivational.

During the camp there were audition trials for the new Spider Man movie

Volleyball match on the beach.

Action scene for new Punjabi movie. (Self-defense class really) 

Learning how to take a Hukamnama from Larreedaar Saroop of Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee

A new jatha in town. Taking bookings and they accept credit card payments :)

Water sports

 Bhaji preferred to be in the water than the boat.

Langar! Langar! Langar! The Langar Sevadaars did a great job. They probably over fed everyone with a month's worth of Langar in a week, but they worked tirelessly and did a great job. No camper complained about langar but a few campers were left confused how they had ate so much at the camp. lol

Evening Darbaar... mind blowing keertan

Satguru jee's night time resting room

 Workshop - "how to do a Havan". (joking! It was a harmless camp fire and Gurbani vichaar)

Inspiring presentation by Bhai Balpreet Singh on Shaheedi

 Talk on love and Rehat


Campers go to the jungle to find Saag and Thaneeyaa for Langar (joking! - Capture the flag game!)

 Simran and Rehraas Sahib keertan on the beach

Bhai Aman Singh Nihang workshop on the beach. It was lovely weather that day.

 Group photo of some the campers

For more photos check Toronto Singhs Camp Facebook and Bhai Ranjit Singh's Facebook (who took most of the amazing photos!)

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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