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Khalsa Camp Australia 2014...

With the blessings of Guru Sahib, Khalsa Camp Australia was held from 15th to 19th January. This was the third year the camp was running. Khalsa Camp was established in the UK in 1990 and has been providing inspiration and motivation to young and old seeking to discover the spirit within. Khalsa Camp Australia 2014 took place at a beautiful scenic site in Berry in New South Wales. 

The camp was attended by around 150 people. The camp was aimed at people aged 15 years and above. It was great to see people had come from different parts of Australia and from different backgrounds. The camp was attended by Bhenji Mandeep Kaur jee, Bhai Pritvipal Singh and Bhenji Manjeet Kaur jee (SOPW) from the UK. Bhai Pritvipal Singh jee attended the camp with Bhai Gurdial Singh jee from Australia. Both Bhai Sahibs were part of the original Chalda Vaheer Jatha, a group that first started Sikhi Parchaar with the late Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh jee (UK) and the late Bhai Sahib Rama Singh jee (UK). The Chalda Vaheer Jatha first camp to Australia in 1986 and prepared Singhs and Singhnian to take Amrit and created the first communities of Amritdharis in Australia. 

The camp sevadaars did amazing job in organising the camp! All the outside speakers and guests were amazed at how the organisers arranged really good activities to ensure all campers got to know other and helped to create relaxed and welcoming spiritual environment. Considering the camp has been running for three years, I was very impressed. Having been to many camps, this camp left a very positive impression on my mind. I hope the camp sevadaars continue to do the good work and with Guru Sahib's blessings Khalsa Camp Australia grows in its success. 

The theme of the camp was "Gur Sikho Eiko Pyaar." In the run to the 30 years commemoration of the 1984 Holocaust, the camp wished to send a positive message that Gursikhs should unite, show one another pyaar and that in order to love and respect Guru jee, we have to respect and love all the Guru's Sikhs. The camp talks were 'The Khalsa Commonwealth', 'Gursikhi Jeevan', 'What can Sikhi do for me?' and 'Inspiration from Sikh History.'
The day began with Amrit-vela Naam Simran and Nitnem from 4am to 6am. This was followed by breakfast and a rest period til 9.15am. There was an optional Aasa Ki Vaar in Darbaar Sahib for those who did not wish to rest.  Workshops were held from 9.15am to 11.15am. Each camper group attended a 30 minute workshop on a rotation. There was a short break for refreshments and snacks and then from 11.30am to 1.30pm the main lecture of the day accompanied with time for questions was held. This was followed by lunch. From 2.30pm 5.30pm was relaxation and activities. The physical activities included wall climbing, ropes, swimming,  Gatka, football, flying fox, canoeing, kayaking, and archery. The evening Darbaar was from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, which included Simran and Keertan. After langar there were evening activities from 9pm to 10pm. These included ice-breaker activity, bonfire night, team building exercise and the last day there was a Rainsbaaee Keertan til early morning. The whole camp layout and schedule worked really well.

Some photos from Khalsa Camp Australia:

The first night there was an ice breaker activity. Bhenji Mandeep Kaur jee (UK) got the first prize of $50. Bhenji was looking forward to go shopping with the prize money but as soon as she was given it a child came over and took it from Bhenji and handed it over to the camp organisers and said that it is a donation for the camp. Vaheguru :)

Amritvela - Amazing spiritual atmosphere

Nitnem in Keertan form

 Lecture on Gursikhi Jeevan that looked at the Jeevan of inspirational Sikh women in history and the virtues we can learn from their lives.

 Campers are expected to cook their own food for the camp outside! (Joke! This was a team building exercise but I cannot remember what they were supposed to do to the fire.)

 An activity - not sure quite what the activity is

Looks like Veer jee got a bit over excited at Khalsa Camp experience and the Sangat are trying to keep him back! 


  Private one-to-one Keertan lesson! Very lucky!

 The boys had a "How to do Gidha?" workshop. (Joke! Disclaimer - there was no Gidha or dancing at this camp)

 Workshop outside in the shade

Evening Darbaar

Keertan - Veer Tamandeep Singh and Veer Harsimran Singh

Keertan - Veer Tanweer Singh 

Amazing keertan by Bhai Pritvipal Singh jee during the Rainsbaaee. Vaheguru!

 Lecture on Inspiration from Sikh History

 Gurbani workshop with Veer Harsimran Singh
 Bhenji Manjeet Kaur jee (UK) from SOPW explaining the charity and the work it does for Sikh political prisoners.

Bhai Harman Singh Sydney wale showing Bhai Sahib his archery skills

(From left to right) Veer Rajveer Singh, Veer Deepak Chopra and Veer Paul Singh. All three of these Veers decided to keep Kesh at the camp. With Guru's Sahib Veer Rajveer Singh (on the left) has with Guru's kirpaa taken Amrit this week. Vaheguru!

Bhai Pritvipal Singh jee (UK) leading a workshop

Bhenji Mandeep Kaur jee (UK) leading a ladies workshop

Team building activities

Parents workshop

Bhaji Govind Singh jee enjoys Khalsa Camp because you really good massages whilst eating (where else can you get this type of service!)

The campers decide to celebrate Lohri during the camp. Joke! - Bonfire night with keertan and sharing Saakhis :)

Bhenji Mandeep Kaur jee sharing the Saakhi of Bibi Gurkirpal Kaur jee from Kalgidhar Chamatkaar written by Bhai Sahib Vir Singh jee.
Last day question and answers session

Bhenji Sukhjit Kaur from Perth (on left). Bhenji featured in last year's Sikhnet Youth Film Festival. Please check the videos - Testimony of Courage and Be Brave. Bhenji decided to keep wearing a Dastaar during the camp. Vaheguru!

 Some of the main sevadaars - Bhai Govind Singh jee and Bhai Kamaldeep Singh jee giving their last words to the campers

 Guru Jee leaving campsite

Blissful journey on the bus leaving the camp

For more photos check Khalsa Camp Australia Facebook

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


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