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Two young Singhs pyaar for the Sikh nation...

Two young Singhs decide to educate their school on Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and Sikh political prisoners
I want to share a very moving story about the children of a Gurmukh Pyaare Singh from UK. Bhai Sahib has two lovely sons, Bhagat Singh aged 9, and Himmat Singh aged 6. The whole family is very blessed by Guru Sahib.

Whenever I have seen the children at any programmes, they are always dressed in Bana (Khalsa attire). They always come up to me and say a loud warm Fateh and speak Panjabi so well. Nowadays in the UK, even Amritdhari family's children sadly cannot understand or speak Panjabi. However, this family has brought up their children with strong Sikh values and created such an environment at home that Guru Sahib showers His kirpaa.

The children sit in Keertan and sing along as well. To inspire Himmat Singh (aged 6) to read Bani and do Nitnem, Bhenji would tell him, "Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale used to do 21 Japji Sahibs every morning when he was 6 years old." As a result of this, Himmat Singh, along with his brother, in the mornings get out the iPad and listen to Nitnem whilst following along. The children remind me of the Chhote Sahibzaade and are of a similar age, and their parents are just as inspired and motivated by them.

Last Friday Bhai Sahib had a phone call from his children's school. The teacher calling from school said, "...Your both children, both Bhagat Singh and Himmat Singh, didn't have their lunch at lunch time and they have been praying on the bench." The teacher then asked, "Who is Gurbaksh Singh?"

Bhai Sahib jee explained to the school teacher what the the Indian Government is doing to the Sikhs. The school teacher replied, "I am Indian and a Hindu. I am ashamed of what is happening to the Sikhs..."

Bhai Sahib was at work so he sent his wife to the school to persuade the children to eat something. When Bhenji arrived school with some Roti (food). Himmat Singh, aged 6, was crying and broke a small piece of Roti and put it into his elder brother's mouth and said, "Brother! Please eat. Otherwise you will get ill and die... If you eat, then I will eat." Their mother lovingly explained to them that they need to remain strong and healthy to struggle and serve the Panth. The children didn't eat at school.

When the children came home, the mother embraced them both and did Chaupai Sahib Paatth. She then humbly requested her children to eat Parshaada (food). She explained "If the Khalsa of the Guru remains hungry then we cannot struggle for Panth. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh is a blessed soul. We cannot all be as blessed as Bhai Gurbaksh Singh." The children accept their mother's request and ate.

On Sunday the family attended someone's Keertan programme. Afterwards someone asked the young children, "Eat Langar." Himmat Singh, aged 6, replied, "Bhai Gurbaksh Singh is on hunger strike." Everyone was taken aback by the response and felt moved by the young child's hurt and love for the Panth.

The next day, the children went to school and didn't eat anything again. They had taken some printouts about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh jee's hunger strike and cause and put them in their school bag without the knowledge of their parents. As both children didn't eat anything at school during break and lunch and were sitting by themselves, students and staff noticed and got concerned. All the staff and all the students wanted to know why these two Sikh children were not eating. The teacher asked, "What are you trying to prove by not eating?"  The children replied, "We need your help to save Sikhs in India!"

Bhai Sahib was invited to school as the school was taking this as a serious issue. The Headteacher was concerned and wanted to address the matter. Both Bhai Sahib and Bhenji came to school and met with the Headteacher in the office. They were told that the whole school and dinner ladies were concerned that the children had refused lunch. They said that they had heard the whole story about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh jee. Everyone showed interest why the children were not eating and who Sikhs are.

There were Two Hindu teachers sitting in meeting. The Headmaster asked if Bhai Sahib can give further information about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh jee's hunger strike. Bhai Sahib explained that firstly they had never told their children to do anything of this kind and they have decided to act they way they have from what they have seen in the news and their own personal feeling. Bhai Sahib added that Sikhs are a minority and in the Hindu dominated India, Sikhs are mistreated, and whatever is happening in India is hurting the whole family. The UK born Hindu teachers were very supportive of the cause of the Sikhs and were ashamed, along with the other school staff at the injustices committed by India against Sikhs. The Business Manager said, "Himmat, asked me for help. He told me that if I care then I needed to help them because Sikhs who have finished their prison sentences are not being released, and their crime is that they are Sikhs."

The Headmaster added, "We understand the situation. It is a great shame that India is doing this. We are shocked that such a large and so called democratic country can commit so much tyranny against Sikhs. However, please explain to your children that staying hungry is not the solutions as they are only children." Bhai Sahib and bhenji thanked the school and as the children looked so upset about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh jee's arrest they came home early from school.

Arriving home, Bhagat Singh (age 9) said to his parents, "You did bad today. The English teacher could have helped us." Bhai Sahib lovingly explained to both sons, "Well done for raising awareness today. Now all the school knows about Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and the Sikhs not being released from prisons." The school agreed with the parents that from now on for two weeks Bhenji will feed the children herself with her own hands and bring the children home for lunch.

Very moving to see so much pyaar and dard (feeling) for the Panth from young children born in the UK.

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

A Human Rights Campaigner who has NOW been on hunger strike for 27 days....demanding the release of 6 Sikh prisoners who are STILL being detained even after completing their sentences!!

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