Thursday, November 07, 2013

Journey Back from Holland (Part 3)...


The guy asked me, "I am sure you follow a spiritual discipline? Right?" I replied, "Yes... We dress modestly and our uniform reflects what we stand for and God's love. The uniform consists of five things which are signs of our love for God and it reminds us of our commitment and duty to God and humanity.  We wake up early in the morning before sunrise. This can be from early as 1am to 4am or so. A Sikh meditates on the Divine-Name of God for at least one or two hours and then does morning prayers as a source of energy, inspiration and divinity. This recharges the battery of a Sikh... To see God in all, requires one to see the Divine within themselves first. How would you do this? This is through meditation on the Divine-Name of God. The morning meditation and prayer helps us to remember God and feel God's presence throughout the day." The guy replied, "Wow, this is amazing. I feel lazy now. I just remember God when ever I can. To be honest sometimes that is just when I wake up whilst lying in bed." I added, "When coming back from work, we recite an evening prayer to thank God for the day and get ourselves back in 'sync' and spiritually charged and then a prayer before sleeping so that we can sleep peacefully." 

Later, the air hostess came over with drinks and snacks. I kindly declined to having a drink and snack. The guy asked, "Do you not eat out?" I replied, "I only eat food that has been prepared by spiritually disciplined people. I try to praise and remember God whilst preparing food so that food is not just food but spiritually satisfying food. Food cooked whilst meditating and thinking of God not just nourishes the body but provides stability to the mind and nourishes the inner-spirit.... The food you eat and how it is prepared affects our thoughts and mind. Nowadays children eat more fast food and as a result of eating fast food their minds have become 'fast'. Children who rely on fast food struggle to concentrate and pay attention. If one was to make food with love and positive thoughts then the eater will feel this. Compare eating a meal made by grandmother and a microwave ready meal." The guy looked amazed and said, "This is just amazing. Whatever you are saying seems to make sense and is 100% the truth." 

The guy then asked me, "I sometimes feel low and down. I easily get affected by work and get run down by the world around me. What can I do?" I replied, "This is where spiritual discipline (Rehit) comes in... Life is not consistent and therefore you need a base to provide consistency and balance in this diversity. The one thing that we can try and become consistent in is our spiritual discipline. As a Sikh, our daily prayers, waking in the morning, the uniform we wear, the appearance the Guru has given us, the discipline of diet, the ordained lifestyle and expected behaviour helps to give consistency, inner-balance, support and acts as a shock absorber... This is why you have to have discipline, uniform, rules and regulations in school. The day children are given freedom to wear what they want, it leads to chaos and unruly behaviour. School children need consistency and rules to support them. I know this from previous experience as a school teacher." The guy listened very attentively and said, "You are 100% speaking the truth. You are so right. What you've said makes sense." 

Lastly the guy asked me, "Can you please tell me how I can overcome my fears in life and stop being fearful." I replied, "My Guru tells me that to be fearless, you have to meditate on the Fearless One - God... Whoever you idolize, worship and remember you will become like them." With the short answer he became satisfied and said "Thank you."

The flight came to end and the guy shook my hand and said "Thank you for talking to me. You speak the truth and I am happy with things you told me. I am glad I sat next to a Sikh." I replied, "I have just shared with you Guru Nanak's teachings and wisdom. Happy to meet you as well."

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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