Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Journey back from Holland (Part 1)...

On the way back home from the Den Haag Sikh Family Camp, I was one of the last passengers for the flight to get to the airport. Then when I tried to self check-in my luggage for the flight, it said "Error" and "Not recognised" on the screen. So I was directed to the check-in desk. I was shocked that I had to pay 30 Euros to check in my luggage (which was done for free at Birmingham airport!). Apparently KLM has changed their luggage policy since May 2013 and now charges money for any luggage checked-in. However, it is strange that no one charged me in Birmingham. Chalo, I didn't have much of a choice, so I paid. One word comes to mind - Thuggi!

Then just as I thought this was bad, then the lady smiled and said, "Sir, you are on stand-by as the flight is fully booked." Sat Naam, Waheguru! The last thing you want to hear when you just want to go home and relax (plus got work the next day!). I was thinking this cannot be happening. The airport looked dead yet they said the flight was overbooked. Why overbook a flight in the first place - again, one word comes to mind - Thuggi!

The lady gave me a ticket (which I assumed was a stand-by ticket) and told me to go to another desk to pay for my luggage. Then the man at pay-in desk printed me another ticket and directed me towards the terminal. (Strange that I was told to go to the terminal considering the flight was fully booked!). Anyway, I get there and was told to take seat and wait. I sat down and started Chaupai Sahib da paatth. I saw other people (who looked Panjabi but did not show any acknowledgment towards me even though I was the only Dastaar wearing Gursikh and had a Khanda on etc) who were on standby standing in the queue, so I joined them. I was then happily let on the flight. The security guys were very friendly and respectful towards Sikhi Saroop. I was very impressed. It is amazing how people think security will give you a hard time if you wearing Gurmukhi Bana (Khalsa dress). However, I found the opposite experience.

My flight seat was next to a couple. They looked at one another (with a worrying face) when I was about to sit down. I smiled at both of them and said, "Good evening." They replied back with "Good evening."

To be continued...

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