Friday, September 27, 2013

Dedication to remember...

I was talking to a respected Muslim Imam who said he memorised the Quran at a very young age. I asked him, "How did you memorise the Quran?" He replied, "Just by reading it." 

I asked further was his technique of remembering the whole Quran was. He replied, "I learnt by memorising one word at a time. I didn't memorise a page or verse. I started by memorising one word. Then I would memorise two words put together. Then I would memorise three words put together, and so on. I would read the Quran in order to memorise the words, then the sentences, then the verses etc whenever I would have time. I would read it the first thing I would wake up. I would try to memorise the Quran on the bus going to school. I would try to memorise the Quran at lunchtime, then on the way from school, and then in my bedroom before sleeping. With God's grace in a short period of time I memorised the Quran. The key is to try and memorise when you are young and your brain has capacity to pick up faster."  The incentive of memorisng the Quran was pleasing Allah and getting his blessings.

I was so inspired by the respect Imam. I thought wow! What dedication he has for his faith. Do we have that dedication to Nitnem, to memorise Japji Sahib or even memorise a Shabad!  How pleased would Guru Gobind Singh jee be with his children if they memorised Gurbani? How wonderful if we could recite our daily prayers anytime and anywhere because we have them memorised? How happy would our Shaheeds be if we memorised Gurbani? The respected Imam really inspired me to try and memorise Gurbani (even though my memory is not very good!). I loved it how he said he memorised one word at a time. Vaheguru!

Blessed are those parents who inspire and guide their children to memorise Gurbani. See below a competition of memorising Gurbani held in Amritsar by Mata Kaulan Trust. Very inspiring!

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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