Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Help Sikh Secondary School in Slough...

Community message forward:

As you may be aware we recently launched our Petition to "Keep Khalsa Secondary Academy at Pioneer House".

Unfortunately we have had very few people complete the online petition which is available via:

We desperately need a lot more signatures online.

About the Petition 
This petition has been set up to support the long-term future of Khalsa Secondary Academy, the Free School proposal being brought forward by the Slough Sikh Education Trust in Stoke Poges, South Bucks.
Pioneer House, the preferred site for the school, has been secured for one academic year under permitted development rights recently introduced by the Government.

However, we believe that Pioneer House is the ideal permanent site for the outstanding new secondary school that we want to deliver.  We need your support to secure the long-term future of the site and urge you to sign our “Keep Khalsa Secondary Academy at Pioneer House” petition.

Our aim for Khalsa Secondary Academy is to provide a high-quality education for our students within a supportive, structured and progressive learning environment.  By providing a disciplined and faith-inspired culture from the classroom to the sports field, Khalsa Secondary Academy will create a distinctive ethos that encourages students and staff to achieve more and to realise their full potential.  Our ambition is to be the best non-selective school in South Bucks within five years.

Pioneer House provides the best possible site for us to achieve this vision.

10 reasons to sign
  1. Khalsa Secondary Academy will provide excellence in education for children of all faiths and none, and can improve the prospects of young people in Slough and South Bucks

  2. The existing Khalsa Primary School has an incredibly successful record – it is rated Ofsted “Outstanding” – and this can be repeated in Stoke Poges if a long-term future there can be guaranteed

  3. The Pioneer House site is less than three miles from Khalsa Primary School and there is an identified shortage of overall secondary school places in the area.  There is very strong demand for the school to open at this site.

  4. Pioneer House is an existing building ready for conversion and can provide a much-needed new school at minimal cost to the taxpayer.  At present, the building is largely vacant and has been on the market for some time without any deal with an office occupier coming forward

  5. The building and wider site at Pioneer House is ideally suited for use as a school, providing the facilities needed to deliver an outstanding education

  6. The extensive grounds at Pioneer House offer a wonderful environment for children to learn, play and develop in.  They are currently largely unused by office occupiers and would offer a unique opportunity to deliver our ambitious programme of diverse extra-curricular and sport activity

  7. The school facilities could become an asset for the whole village, providing a new community resource for people living in Stoke Poges

  8. Khalsa Primary School has shown that Khalsa schools are assets to the community in which they are located.  The existing primary school enjoys a strong relationship with the local community and parents are proud of it

  9. The team behind Khalsa Secondary Academy is dedicated to working with the local community once the school is open to ensure a strong and constructive relationship with neighbours and the wider community is built.  This includes the implementation of a Travel Plan and the school will add to, not detract from the village environment

  10. Continuity and stability play an important role in education.  The education of students who will begin at the school in September 2013 would be disrupted by changing locations mid-way through their education and they should be provided with the full facilities of the school as soon as possible

What does signing mean?
 By registering your details, you agree to the petition statement below:

Petition statement
We, the undersigned, support the opening of Khalsa Secondary Academy at the Pioneer House site in Stoke Poges, South Bucks on a permanent basis.  Pioneer House offers the most suitable, sustainable and viable site of those available in the Slough and South Bucks area.  Pioneer House is located less than three miles from Khalsa Primary School and will provide an ideal learning environment for local young people and the potential for an outstanding extra-curricular activity programme.  The Khalsa Secondary Academy team is committed to turning the site into an asset for the village by creating an Ofsted “Outstanding” school within five years and opening its facilities to the local community.




Anonymous said...

post it to Langarhall , sikhchic and to americanturban as well for wider coverage.

Anonymous said...

This is the wrong place to have this school located and it will only be temporary, with at most one year. Slough Sikhs should work to have the school located in Slough where it belongs and where it will be better located, safer and more appropriate for the children to travel without safety concerns.