Thursday, May 30, 2013

Devotion for Guru Jee...

On Wednesday I went to Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick during my lunch break. An elderly Mata jee which I sometimes see at the Gurdwara came out and went to share Guru's Fateh with me. She is always happy to see me. When I see her I give a smile and ask how she is. This the least we can do for our respected elders. This makes Mata jee feel good and she asks me how I am.

Well, on Wednesday, Mata jee stopped me and we had a quick chat. I was so humbled that she said, "You are my sakha (real) puth (son). I am your maa (mother)." When I asked, "Mata jee, how are you?" She replied, "It's all Guru Sahib's blessings. Who are we? He keeps us living and moving. Dear son, my knees gave in. I could not walk or move. I prayed to Guru jee, please bless me with the ability to move so that I can have your Darshan everyday. I prayed, I don't need anything but enough strength so that I can walk to the Gurdwara and have Guru jee's darshan. Guru is great. He heard my prayers. I was bed bound, but Guru gave this old lady strength again."

Mata jee was speaking with so much drive, determination and devotion. It was heart whelming. She carried on to say, "Son, a human has no ability to do anything. I am an old lady. Guru jee gave me strength to wake up at Amrit-vela and come to the Gurdwara for 2am every day without fail. Guru Jee would make us ladies recite Sukhmani Sahib every morning. How else can someone wake up so early and come to the Gurdwara? It is Guru jee's blessings. I prayed Guru jee I know I am old but I seek nothing but your Darshan at 2am. Guru gave me strength. We moved house. We now live far from the Gurdwara but Guru jee gives this old lady strength to catch two buses to come to the Gurdwara."

It was so inspiring to see such an elderly lady with so many health problems caused by old age had the drive to wake up at Amrit-vela, have Guru jee's darshan and do seva has not been shaken. It really made me think about how we easily press the snooze button when the alarm goes off in the morning and laziness steps in to our lives.

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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Jagandeep Singh said...

NO words bhai saab for mata ji ! really a blessed soul.

Guru Maharaaj always keep his kirpa on her.., nd do ardaas i also have such jeevan.