Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sweet Poison of Maya...

Author: Veer Amanjot Singh (London)

In February Daas was blessed enough to do Seva at a Guru Ghar in France. I had arrived at Heathrow Airport 3 hours prior to my flight to go to France and had time to kill. I started browsing the duty free, when I came across the section of alcohol. I started walking away.

While walking away I couldn’t help myself in looking inside the section as there were four men which looked like Sikhs as they were wearing Dastaar on the heads. Once I exited the shop I could see that their family was waiting outside the shop. As I still had 3 hours to kill, I approached the family. I greeted them with Vaheguru Ji’s Fateh. "Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh." They replied "Sat Sri Akaal." After having a normal conversation with them for about 5 minutes, the Singhs which where presumably buying alcohol, came out of the shop and rejoined their family. When they came they saw me in Khalsa Bana (Khalsa Attire) and they asked me to pray for them that they have a safe flight to India.

I was confused that they asked me to pray for them when they didn't know me. I asked them, "Why did you ask me to pray for you?" They replied, "You look like a Gyani." Then I replied, "Sure I shall do Ardaas for you but will you accept whatever I say in the ardaas and work towards getting Satguru Ji's Happiness?" The whole family agreed!

So I asked them all to come to a less busy area of the airport and asked the Bibiya to cover their heads, removed our foot wear and I started Ardaas. So I started the Ardaas with the opening versus of Sri Chandi Di Vaar and then came to the Benti. I asked Guru ji to protect this family and to save them from the Maya of the 5 Thieves (Kaam, Krod, Lobh, Moh, Hankaar), the 4 Cardinal Sins (Removing Hair, Consuming Drugs/Alcohol, Consuming Meat and Outside Marriage Relations) and to bless this family with Gursikhi Jeevan. After this short Ardaas I roared the Jaikara which the family all replied to "SAT SRI AKAAL!" The family thanked me, but I was not done...

I explained to them that before starting the Ardaas I said that what we pray for we have to accept as Satguru Ji's Bhanaa and work towards in getting Vaheguru Ji's Kushi. They all nodded and said "YES"... I could see that they were holding clear see through duty free bags with four bottles of ‘Black Label’, an expensive whiskey alcohol commonly drunken by Punjabis. I calmly said to the family, "you cannot get Guru Ji's Kushi by drinking this alcohol and you said what every I say in the Ardaas you shall accept and follow. I asked Guru Ji to save you from intoxicating your body with Alcohol and now is the opportunity for you to stop, otherwise you are not obeying Satguru Jis Hukam!" The family was shocked because I was very upfront. They didn’t have any reply.

I knew they had spent over £90 on this Poison and didn’t know what to do. Then the oldest member of the family said that it’s not for us and it for our family in India. I replied that that even worse you are not killing yourselves but slowly killing others! You could hear gasping from the 2 bibiya in the family. As my gate has opened I said to them that I have not got much time. At the end of the day it is up to you and your choice if you want Satguru Ji's Kushi then you have do the right thing but if you want to do what you want go ahead and you shall sow what you reap. I exchanged Guru Ji's Fateh and left for my gate.

When I got to the boarding gate, I still had 1 and half hours until the plane was going to depart so I put in my head phones and I dosed off. After about 20mins I could hear someone saying "Singh Sahib! Singh Sahib!" I opened my eyes and that family I saw earlier thanking me for saving them? At this point I was very confused to why they are thanking me? I asked them why? They said that you saved us from this Sweet Poison of Maya. I then understood that they were talking about the bottles of alcohol. They said that they had returned them at the counter and that they would like me to keep the money as I had saved them. The family was giving me £130! I was so happy that they had made the right choice!

I refused to take the money that they were offering me as I had not saved them but Guru Ji had saved them from Kaljug, but they insisted. So as they were going to India I suggested that they should give this money to the poor (as Guru Ji says "Gareeb Da Mooh, Guru Di Golak") and to the people who need it the most. They accepted this offer and we then exchanged Vaheguru Ji's Fateh and left.

When they left I was reflecting on this situation. I thought to myself that Guru Ji is so powerful that he works through his Sikhs to help others not fall into the traps of Maya. We are all Sikhs of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, if Guru Ji went many different countries by foot to save the world from ‘Sweet Poison’ Maya, we are the Sikhs of Guru Nanak and it is also our duty to do the same! Whenever we see an opportunity to help someone physically, mentally or even give them advice, please do as we can save mankind in falling into the trap of Kaljug! Dhun Guru Dhun Teri Sikhi 


Thank you to Veer jee for sharing his experience.

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


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such a strong Gursikh... may Guru Ji bless us all... Vahgurooo!

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how wonderful