Sunday, March 17, 2013

Power of Ardaas & Simran in Sangat...

Author: Balvinder Singh (Bradford, UK)
Date: 12th March 2013
Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh

A Great Experience... today, Tuesday, at 13.45 on 12/3/2013.

The event for Seva of vulnerable and elderly Sangat has come to it's end today at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Bradford. The Granthi Singh jee had just finished doing katha and simran of the 11th asthpadee (chapter) of Sukhmani Sahib, when a very upset young lady walked in. She said Fateh to everyone with great humility and love. She looked very upset.

The Granthi Singh jee asked, "Is everything okay?" She weeped slightly and in a very upset voice repeatedly said, "No, my husband was suffering from bakhaar (temperature). He collapsed and got rushed in to intensive care, as he is quite serious. Can we please do an ardaas" she repeated in a very upset voice". The Granthi Singh jee said, "Don't worry bhenji. You have great good fortune, as you have come to Guru Sahib jee's hazooree (presence) whilst Sangat is going on... I can not do anything myself but the Sangat will bless you."

He started the simran. There were around 13 older ladies in the Sangat and a couple of young Singhs. The simran only lasted 5 minutes but the rass (power/taste) in those 5 minutes was immense. The bibi was crying whilst chanting Vaheguru. Everyone felt her pain and chanted in great vigour.

The simran stopped and the Granthi Singh jee did an ardaas. In the ardaas the Granthi Singh jee said, "Guru sahib jee I have no power... I am weak but you have blessed your daughter in the Saadh Sangat today. She is begging for you to listen to her prayer... birthee kadey na hoveaee jan Ki ardaas (Your servants ardaas has never failed). Nanak jor govind ka pooran guntaas (Nanak takes the strength of the perfect lord of the universe, the treasure of excellence). Please bless bhenji with strength, please bless bhenji with Gursikhi jeevan. Only you know her minds desires Guru Sahib, please fulfil them." The Granthi Singh jee explained to Guru Sahib what was wrong with bhenji's husband and ended the ardaas.

Bhenji in great humility thanked the Saadh Sangat for chanting Vaheguru in Sangat and standing in the ardaas. She had tears running down her face and the Sangat really felt her emotions. Bhenji's love for the Sangat was visible through her eyes. The Granthi Singh said, "Don't worry bhenji! Guru ji and the Sangat will look after your husband. You came at the perfect time". Bhenji still crying tried to smile and slowly walked to her car. She asked the Granthi Singh to please come to the hospital and see her husband, to which he agreed.

Daas received a call around 2.30pm from the Granthi Singh jee. Bhai Sahib said, "We got to the hospital and with Guru Sahib jee and his sangat's apaar (amazing) kirpaa (blessings) the husband was absolutely fine before we got there."

Saadh Sangat jee I was really touched by the love and power of Guru Sahib's Sangat and had to share this story.

Proud to be a slave of my Guru.

Guru sahib loves us and is always here for us, his love is unconditional. We only remember him when we need him. Let's all remember him always jee, without any condition.

Dhan Teri Sikhee Guru Jee.
Bhul Chuk Maaf Karni Jee.


Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!



Ludhiana Fci said...

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Ji

Ludhiana Fci said...

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Ji