Friday, January 04, 2013

Discovering Sikhi - From Ellie to Nirmal Kaur...

The story of Bibi Nirmal Kaur jee. A must read!...
I come from a mixed Christian-Jewish background but my parents were both non-religious and I never had religious education at school - I skipped the lesson! I wasnt concerned with religion till much later on. I was around 22 and on holiday in Turkey. My hotel was next to a mosque. The call to prayer could be heard loud and clear, even at 5am, but instead of annoying me, it was kind of a soothing sound and I used to get up and watch from the window old men praying inside the mosque. I used to think, "Wow! Waking up so early and going to pray, I wish I was so faithful..." Many years later I converted to Islam. I wasn't brainwashed into it but I thought it was the only way to feel pure and go to heaven, at that moment in time.
Islam made me very depressed and isolated. I was constantly questioning my faith, and the Qur'an was so terrifying in its images of Hell and punishments for sinners and apostates, and it clearly put women in a subordinate role to men - they were there to please men and to make babies! Women have to obey, failing that, their husband actually had the right to beat them. Islam makes men very intolerant of women, other religions and especially homosexuals! According to the Qur'an you should identify gays and take them to the highest cliff and throw them down. All punishments in Islam are terrifying and cruel, including the slaughter of animals for consumption (halal) but, cutting a long story short, I was becoming an emotional wreck. On top of that, my best friend is gay and he would constantly question me with phrases such as "How can you be my friend if you believe gays should be killed?" I can honestly say that change came to me all of a sudden in no more than a week. It can only be described as a blessing and a miracle.
I stopped wearing the hijab, praying and fasting. I developed a strong dislike, almost hate, for everything Islamic. I started being promiscuous although I never drank or smoked. After some time I felt again something was wrong, I felt empty inside, which was obvious. I was dating this Panjabi man who was from a Sikh family and although a "Mona" i was determined to find out more about the roots of his religion.
In the house which he shared with other people, seemed to be so humble and quiet. Feel curious I went through the Internet and I started reading pages from Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I bought two books and started learning the Panjabi language. I finally went to the Gurdwara with my boyfriend and I was fascinated. Music in Islam is totally banned and punishments are so harsh like cutting a thief's hand. When I looked into Sikhi I just couldnt stop smiling. I thought "O my God! What a dream! What an incredible religion!" Music, kirtan, and Simran, all play an essential role! What a Holy Miracle Guru Granth Sahib Ji is! What about punishments? Throwing people from cliffs? Cutting off hands? No! Just lots of Sewa in the Gurdwara's Langar! Wow! The Langar was another incredible all-voluntary based function of the Gurdwara! No other religon has an open-door-to-all policy, and as far as I know the only religious place where you can have a great meal for free, although donations are greatly appreciated!
After lots of studying, although it's never enough, and the Basics of Sikhi course "Why Guru?", I decided the moment had come for my happiest moment in life so far - the Amrit Sanchar ceremony. To be officially baptized was so overwhelming and I could just feel Waheguru's presence like never before in my life.  I was so proud to enter the Gurdwara as Ellie and leave as Nirmal Kaur wearing my 5 kakkaars.

Sorry for my long story but it was a pleasure sharing it. If I could only help one person to make the right decision, I would be satisfied.
Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


Anonymous said...

This isnt a comment on your post, just a way to communicate with you.
I really liked seeing the damdami taksal and akj unity video from derby. Just want to let you know though, if you look at the youtube account of the person who uploaded it, it shows the he has clicked like on some VERY questionable videos, eg. 'pakistani mujra' (dirty dances) and other weird 18+ videos. That will do more harm than good. Please do something about this. I dont think such an important video shud be uploaded on such a weird persons youtube account.

this is the account, look at his likes.

Manvir Singh said...

Vaheguru Ji, I spoke to Bhai Amrik Singh ji whose YouTube account it is. The videos shown as "Liked" are actually Spam and Bhai Sahib has not liked them. He said every time he tries to delete it, it re-appears. Thank you for bringing it to Bhai Sahib's attention though.

Anonymous said...

ok ji

Inderjot Kaur said...


Thank you for sharing. I must agree with behan ji, the guilt and fear of God is completely non-existent in Sikhi, that is what makes it so beautiful and liberating.

Gursant Singh said...

I really don't like how SikhNet took the story "Discovering Sikhi - From Ellie to Nirmal Kaur" from your blog & made it appear like it is somehow SikhNet's doing or that the article was written by a SikhNet reporter.

Manvir Singh's blog credit for the article on SikhNet is so small that one would easily miss it if you weren't looking closely. Manvir Singh are you aware of SikhNet using your article? It is not conduct becoming of a website which says it represents Sikhs to knowingly use the many articles SikhNet does without permission of the author.

Manvir Singh said...

Dear Bhai Gursant Singh Ji,

I am happy for Sikhnet or anyone else to use posts from my blog to promote and spread the message of Sikhi. As long as Sikhi parchar is happened I don't mind if someone doesn't quote my name etc. Knowledge belongs to Guru Ji.

However Bhai Sahib I respect and thank you for your kind intentions and concern.

Dhan Guru Nanak!

Gursant Singh said...

I see a larger issue here with SikhNet which uses this article and others it has stolen to promote their underlying agenda of Yogi Bhajan's tantric yoga and corrupt practices. If Sikhs allow SikhNet to appear responsible for converting people to Sikhi then it gives credibility to SikhNet's anti-Sikh agenda. Please view the many videos I have made on this subject one of which is: "Yogi Bhajan 's Shiva Shakti penis worship shows anti- Sikh practices of SikhNet & Bhajan's 3HO followers!"

Rajdeep Singh said...

Vaheguroo!!! Dhan Guroo Nanak! Puts us (me) to shame!

Jasjit Singh said...

AaaAwesome and very inspiring.Thanks for sharing