Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiring story from France Smaagam (Part 2)

After posting the original post about the 7 year old girl who took Amrit with her father in the France Akhand Kirtani Smaagam last month, Veer Jaskarn Singh jee from Holland emailed me with some stories to relating to the same child. Please read below:

Bibi Anmoljeet Kaur Khalsa jee
I just saw your post on you blog about the France Smaagam. With Guru Jee´s Kirpaa I attended the same Smaagam as well and I met the same little girl from Germany, Frankfurt. Her name is Anmoljeet Kaur Khalsa. I had two pictures with her so I thought I´ll share it with you so you can see her for yourself. 

...So we (the Holland sangat) were about to leave from Holland for a 5 hour drive to Paris. There were nine of us. I knew everyone on board except for the man from Germany and his daughter. So waiting outside for the cars I thought I would get to know them. I walked towards Bhai Sahib and said Fateh to him. We started talking and at a certain point he told me that he was going so he can take Amrit at the Amrit Sanchaar. I thought wow your blessed! I said, "Your going to take amrit? That's very good!" Then his 7 year old daughter came to me and I said, "Sat Sri Akaal", and she replied "Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh" with some real love. I felt a little embarrassed because I didn´t start with Fateh.

When I was talking to her it didn't feel like we just met for the first time. It felt like we had known each others for years. It was really strange - I don´t often feel this way. So then I started talking to her and she suddenly says "I am going to take Amrit." In my mind I was thinking "she can´t be serious....she´s just seven years!" She kept telling me she is going to take Amrit, so I started getting doubts whether she is serious. So I asked her father just to be sure "Is she really going to take amrit as well?" He replied "Yes, she is!" 

I was amazed. Why would a 7 year old child want to take Amrit right away? So I asked her two simple questions to see how much she actually understands Amrit. I asked "why do you want to take Amrit?" and "why do you want it so fast, as you are so young?" She replied, "I want to take Amrit because Guru Gobind Singh Jee took Amrit himself." Then she answered my second question with, "If I die right now, what face will I show Guru Jee If I haven’t taken Amrit?" A 7 year old remembering death! Waheguru! Her answers were incredible! It felt like talking to a 7 year old Giani Jee. She had great karam - that’s for sure. 

The only Gurmukhi she knew at that time was the word "Waheguru" and "Dhan Guru Nanak". Then she turned the question on me and said, "Tusee vee Amrit shaklo?" ("You also take Amrit") I was like "O gosh! I just came for the Keertan smaagam" But when she asked me it really hit me hard. She communicates so innocently and so directly. I remember when we were leaving Paris we were all saying goodbye and she was holding the hand of a clean-shaven brother of ours who had joined us from Holland to attend the Paris Keertan Smaagam. Then she asks the Veer Jee in a really laughing, smiling and loving, "why do you cut your hair?... From now on your not going to cut your hair, okay. keep a beard - it’s nice." May Guru Jee Bless bhaji with kesh. 

One last small story is this... Straight after she got the siropa, someone from the Sangat touched her feet. She came up to me and seemed upset. She said, "It didn´t feel good when I got a Siropa. Some Singh just touched my feet. Why did he do that for?" Then I explained to her that it's just really special when a 7 year old like you takes Amrit. Then she said "Do you know the man was pretty old. He was a 'Buddha'" We laughed. She was really fun to hang out with. It felt so cool to meet someone like her. She is really blessed by Guru Jee and is like a "Praani rooh" (old soul)....

Veer Jaskarn Singh jee and Bhenji Anmoljeet Kaur Khalsa jee


Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

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Gurvinder singh said...

Yep Shes puratan rooh here for sewa and bandagi .Maharaj will always keep her in chardikala . shez also a booster who will boost eveone for bandgi