Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missing: Pardeep Singh

Message forward: 


If anyone has seen or heard the whereabouts of PARDEEP SINGH please call 07846703969. He is from the Handsworth Wood area in Birmingham and the last reported sighting of him was Saturday morning between 10.30 am and 11.30 am, at the bus stop on oxhill road opposite the grove pub. Please share this photo with all your friends which could help to any clues leading to his finding. Thank you.

This singh has been through alot during his lifetime and does fall into depression occaisonally. Just 2 weeks ago his father passed away because of a heart attack, and his mother is also in hospital at this present time. He has taken with him his medication and all bank cards etc. he told his brother he will be going to the bank but did not return, he turned his phone off and did not come home. Police are currently dealing with the case and we also urge the local community to come foward if they have seen him.

Today we have received information that Pardeep Singh was also spotted in the West Bromwich area on Saturday. It is very likely he got on the 101 bus from Oxhill road where he was first seen and then got on another bus either the 74 or 75 from Soho road to West Bromwhich. Were you on that bus? Did you see Pardeep Singh? or around that area? if you did then please call 07846703969 or 07971965589 which could be a vital clue to his whereabouts. Thank you




Anonymous said...

Vaheguru Ji !

Anonymous said...

Please help Waheguru!

Manvir Singh said...


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

We are very sad to share the news that missing Pardeep Singh has been discovered deceased.

Please spare a thought for him in your Ardas.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Anonymous said...

vaheguru ji.. very sad to hear this...i hadnt no this GurSikh Veer Jee.. but still very upset to hear that one of our brothers have left...left for Sachkhand....Gurfateh Jee
Rab Raakhaa ...

Anonymous said...

He commit suicide in the Sikh culture it teaches u not to do that,
Cycle of Life we all go home so go sooner than others.

Anonymous said...

Thats for Dharam Raja to decide. Not us. Who are we to decide?

Dharam Raa-ay Dhar Khaagad Faare
Jan Nanak Lekha Samjha
The Righteous Judge of Dharma, in the Court of the Lord, has torn up my papers; servant Nanak's account has been settled. //4//5// ANG 698 Raag Jaitsree

vaheguru vaheguruuu vaheguruuuuuuui vaaaheeguruuuuu
Bul chuk maaf karnee
vaahiguroo jee kaa khalsa vaahiguroo jee kee fateh jee