Thursday, May 31, 2012

House Keertan Programme...

Last Sunday Bhai Ravjeet Singh had a house keertan programme to celebrate Bhenji Simrat Kaur's birthday.

Below are photos from the programme:


Ravjeet Singh and his brother Jagdeep Singh prepared the Gurmat Langar. Both of them are trained well in cooking daal sabjee.

Bhenji Navrup Kaur from Woolwich  made the birthday cake. The cake looked really professional and tasted very nice as well.
If anyone in the London area would like to have any cakes prepared by Amritdharis (i.e. Bibek) then please contact Bhenji and she can take orders. I would strongly suggest we support our fellow Gursikh brothers and sisters in their businesses and also tell your family and fiends.
Details for ordering a custom made cake:
Facebook - Roopi Poopi Cakes
Tel: 07747534502 


lehar kaur said...

Bhai sahib ji all pics are amazing.really I can feel spirituality in the atmosphere.
Cake is wonderful .we are amritdharis & fond of making & eating cakes. plz. request bhenji if she can give us simple recipe of cake.

Balvinder Kaur Khehra said...

Very nice pictures.
Bibian Da Dhadi Jatha | Balwinder Kaur Khehra

Anonymous said...

Gurfateh Jee
Veer Jee will you be coming to Hyde Park on Sunday 10 June. If yes, will you be doing a speech or anything?

Manvir Singh said...

Vaheguru ji. Hanji i will be attending as sangat.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to London for rally then, I didnt c u ?