Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Episode 1 of India Travels: Flight

Passages from my diary of my trip to India, April 2012:

At the beginning of April I went to India to visit Panjab. The flight was London to Amritsar via Delhi. We arrived at Delhi about 9am and had to wait till 5.30pm to go to Amritsar. It was a long wait! When we arrived at Delhi we had to go through security clearance again (I don't understand why, because we had just come out of the plane). The security guy checking passengers had a dirty white glove on his hand while patting down the passengers. It looked filthy and as if it had never been washed. He was touching his face and nose with one hand and the other hand he had a dirty glove on. I was praying to Waheguru that the guy doesn't touch me and get my Kurta and Hazooria covered with the dirt and filth. The glove was literally like a brown grey colour. Surprisingly, when the guy came to me he just waved the metal detector over me and let me go. (Thank God!)

At the airport my mother and I were laying back on the comfy chairs when I spotted a mouse running around next to me! I told my mum that a mouse is next to me and she decided to flag it up with one of the airport staff. My mother waved to a lady worker who came over to us. My mother said, "There is a mouse running around here." The lady replied, "What a mouse?" "Yes a mouse!" The lady made a confused face and said "Okay..." and walked off. It was as if she was thinking "Hello, this is India what else do you expect in the airport." As expected no one came back to investigate the mice problem.

Arriving at Amritsar was quite pleasant. The customer service has slightly improved, however people could still work on the 'service with a smile'.

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

We arrived at 12ish not 9am..i was on the same plane as u ! Liar ! Lol