Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grooming Documentary...

Grooming refers to racially motivated sexual exploitation. The UK Sikh community has been concerned about this issue since the early 1990s, however the issue has only recently been acknowledged by the mainstream media and some politicians.

On Saturday 11th February, Sikh Channel aired a documentary by the Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) that highlights the grooming of one vulnerable Sikh girl. Being bought up by educated British born Sikh parents, the child was just 12 years old when she became a target of sexual exploitation by adults. The interview follows the family’s journey from a happy household to a real life horror story. It exposes loop-holes in social services, police and schools who all collectively failed to protect this child. It uncovers the highly sophisticated methods of grooming and entrapment employed by paedophiles working in organised networks across cities.

About Sikh Awareness Society:
The Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) was established in 1998 amongst growing concerns of the 'grooming' of our youth. In Britain today Sikh youth are still actively targeted on the basis of their religion and history. This historically linked hate-crime causes much emotional distress to the families involved with the majority of these cases ending up in abuse. Under common Punjabi mentality, these issues are still considered 'taboo' and are rarely addressed by the Gurdwara Sahibs, and Sikh community leaders. Therefore the victims of this hate-crime tend to suffer in silence. The SAS was set up to deal with these issues.

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Abu Adeeba said...

We wanted to extend our sympathy towards the family who have been made to go through this horrible ordeal.

As Muslims, although we have our theological and religious differences with Sikhism and other religions, this cannot prevent us from speaking and defending the truth; and, thus, we utterly condemn the sexual grooming and exploitation of children as evil and perverted.

Such behaviour is a major sin in Islam and any Muslims involved in such behaviour should fear their Lord, fear His anger and punishment, and recognise that they will soon stand before their Lord and be accounted for in regards this heinous crime - there will be no escape for them.

We would also appeal to anyone who knows of such predators not to protect or shield them, but to expose them by contacting the appropriate authorities and turning such people in no matter who they might be.

In this respect, we remind the Muslims of what their Lord commands in the Qur'an:

"O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice as witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves, your parents or your kin; be they rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve, and if you distort justice or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do." (Qur'an 4:135)

The Muslim community stands alongside the Sikh community and all other communities in utterly condemning such evil people and such evil acts.

Manvir Singh said...

Dear brother Abu

I appreciate your kind and supportive comments. It is nice to hear Muslims recognizing the problem and condemning such behaviour.

May these kinds of things not happen with anyones sister, daughter or mother irrespective of race, religion or colour.

Gurpreet Kaur said...

Abu Adeeba, don't pretend like you care. Muslim men don't believe non-Muslims are worth anything, in fact if they are ending up in hell why do you even care? Keep your pathetic sympathy to yourself.

Abu Adeeba said...

Why the bitterness and anger Gurpreet ji? You would be the first to say that such venom and hatred was not advocated by your Gurus or taught in your Holy Book, so why do you post falsehoods about "Muslim men" and Islam?
Provide a single evidence that Islam teaches that "Muslim men don't believe non-Muslims are worth anything" (and pay attention to your own absolutist claims). If you cannot, then either you are misinformed and require education about what Islam really teaches, or you're a deceiver who lies about other people's religion based upon compounded ignorance.
And how do you know I believe that they are "ending up in hell" and, therefore, do not care?
You can send me your answers to:

Anonymous said...

Mr. Abu Adeeba!! Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Bottom line is that Islam is not a "spiritual" faith rather a "political cult" which wants to gain their number by any such means.

What you are saying now after your "brothers" have committed the act is akin to converting non-muslims to Islam after they have been humiliated. Can you leave Islam because it is because of Islam that there are problems in all parts of world?

Anonymous said...

Core Islam is beyond criticism for its followers.

That is why most followers of that religion continue to counter with "Islam does not advocate this".

POint me to one follower who has DARED to question core Islam. He will be killed.

Poor Abu Addeba - just a messenger boy!

Anonymous said...

L0L what a joke Abu- Bevkoof -Bakra

Check out his facebook page, he hates the fact that most groomers (all) are sullas and this clearly puts forward a case for islam being a destructive ideaology

Aman Singh said...

Abu Adeeba dont listen to such hatred when you are displaying great understanding of an issue which is present all over the world, there may have been a link between racial grooming but dont let PEOPLE argue against your religion when it has been PEOPLE who have corrupted religion and it is the PEOPLE who are shown on the first video (the culprits) who have twisted their beliefs to commit such sinful acts that they do not deserve to be associated with Islam nor be thought of as human as their deeds are beastly, deceitful, immoral, and it makes me extremely angry having heard cases of people i know being effected that such people exist.

Koee kehaI thurak, koee kehai hindoo,
Some call themselves muslims, others hindu
Koee baashai bhisath koi suragindhoo
Some yearn for paradise, others for heaven
Kahu nanak jin hukam pashhaathaa
Says Nanak one who realises the will of God
Prabh sahib ka thin Bhaedh jaatha
Knows the secret of his lord master...

Anonymous said...

The brother was trying to put his hands out and condem with what happeened and also informing you of our stance in regards to that. What is ironic is that Mr Anonymous is claiming that Islam is not a Spiritual way (and his is) yet his manners are on display for everyone to see. But nobodies perfect and i know sikhism teaches humbleness, but there are black sheep in every community who do not adhere to his or her teachings. God is ever watchful of what everyone does and says.
Respect to Manvir and Aman.

Anonymous said...

clearly u didnt watch what the bbc bosses were up to... bout all.