Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Trip to California... (Part 1)

During the Christmas holidays I went to America. With Guru Jee's kirpaa a kind Bhenji who worked at the airport gave me a nice seat on the aeroplane with extra leg room (sometimes some airlines have really tight leg room where you can barely move!). When I arrived at San Francisco Airport, it took such a long time to get outside! Knowing me I picked the slowest queue! The old guy checking everyone's passport was so slow. It was like watching paint dry. People who were standing behind me in the other queues over took me and had already got through the passport checking and there I was still waiting. Vaheguru. The guy was really nice, however, he was taking the phrase "taking it easy" a bit too far. Vaheguru.

When I got outside I couldn't see anyone at airport. I looked around and around and couldn't see any Dastaar. I thought I would put my phone on just in case someone tried to call me. When I got my phone out I realised that my phone was really hot and had somehow stayed on and the battery was about to die.

At first I went to this kiosk where a Chinese man was sitting. I asked him if I could use his phone but then I realised my phone had perhaps a little life left to send a text message. I didn't have anyone's phone number so I thought I would text Ravjeet Singh and get some phone numbers. Just as I sent the text my phone died. I thought, "What should I do now?" I went to get my phone charger wire out of my suitcase and went back to the kiosk where the Chinese man was selling phones. Next to the kiosk there was a plug on the outside side wall facing the public. Soon as I plugged in my phone, the Chinese man loudly said, "Hey, you cannot do that. Read the sign man, you have to pay $2 to use the plug." I though, "Hai Rabbaa, what type of place is this where you get charged to use a plug which looks like a public plug!". I didn't have any dollars on me so I thought what should I do. The guy replied, "Too bad." As I had just put my Kirpaan on I thought I would start Japji Sahib da Paath. I walked towards the outside exit so that I could do Paath standing outside. When I got near the door I saw a Singh.

The Singh was wearing a black patka. I thought, "How strange? Usually people send Singhs to come collect Singhs. Perhaps he is a younger cousin of one of the Singhs." The guy was wearing a doo-rag style patka and had his joorraa on top of his head. Then I looked closer and the guy was carrying a bag. I thought that perhaps he is carrying Langar Paanee for me. When I got through the door to get closer to the person, the person walked straight pass me. It ended out that the person was a black American who had long hair and had decided to tie it up on top of his head and wear a black patkaa. Vaheguru.

After finishing Japji Sahib, I thought, "Vaheguru, I have no phone, no money and even the kiosk guy is too kanjoos to allow me to charge my phone, please do kirpaa." As I just walked back through airport doors, Bhai Prabhjyot Singh was standing right there. Guru Jee is great. Apparently he had been waiting there all the time and had not seen me. It felt like I should have been on one of those "Should gone to Spec Savers" adverts. Vaheguru.

To be continued...


Renuka Sarabjeet Singh said...

Jithe Har Aaradheeae
Tithe Har Mit Sahaee.

nice Veer jio nice write up nice blogs

teji kaur said...

gurfateh bhaji
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