Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Khoj Camp 2011..

On Monday 26th December, Khoj Camp was held at Fremont Gurdwara Sahib. Khoj is a one-day Gurmat camp for ages 16 to 30. It was the first time I have visited Fremont and also the Khoj Camp. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa it was a really nice atmosphere and chardikalaa Sangat. There were two workshops held - 1) The Journey to Sikhi, and 2) The Chhotey Sahibzaadey. After the second workshop there was a Q&A and then Keertan. With Guru Sahib's kirpaa Bhai Tarun Singh and other Gursikhs who organised the annual camp are doing a great seva. May Guru Sahib do more kirpaa on them.

Some photos from the camp:

Guru Sahib.


Morning workshop

Afternoon workshop

Veer Krishan Singh doing Keertan

Bhai Vikram Singh doing Keertan

At the end of the camp I couldn't find my trainers (sneakers). I looked around and around like a lost soul for my shoes. From one place to another, I felt so silly looking for my shoes. They weren't even good shoes. I wondered if someone by mistake picked up them up or wore them to go to the toilet or perhaps mistook them for their shoes. Some very friendly members of the Sangat offered their shoes for me to wear. Although grateful for the offer, I preferred to wear my own shoes. For about an hour I searched and searched and asked every single person who I saw whether they had seen some black trainers! On top of that I lost Bhai Prebhdev Singh! Bhaji was going to drive down to Fresno. As well as asking about my shoes I was asking "Do you know where Bhai Prebhdev Singh is?" I felt like I needed a feeling lost helpline!

With Guru's kirpaa, I eventually found my shoes tucked away outside a side building. I was just glad to have them back on my feet! What drama! Also, Bhaji Prebhdev Singh arrived :) What drama! Makes you realise that you can lose your shoes, lose people and lose your way, however the one thing you cannot lose in life is Waheguru - Waheguru is always there.

Dhan Hai Guru, Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee

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