Friday, May 27, 2011

The last moment before death...

Below is an inspiring post by Bhai Jagjit Singh jee from Wakefield (Leeds) about the last moments of death:

Scene from the Movie 'Sundri', when her soul is accompanied by Panj Singh to the Waheguru's Court.

Subject: Ant-kaal
Author: Bhai Jagjit Singh (Wakefield)

Vaheguru ji ke khalsa vaheguru ji ke fateh Pyaare jio, last weekend I was in the Midlands doing programmes, but the weekend before I was fortunate to attend the Sunday Divaan at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Wakefield Road, Bradford. There was the now usual nice atmosphere, which was enhanced by the manner in which all the Sangat did Sukhmani Sahib together, with everyone participating, especially bibian. Then Bhai Surjit Singh did keertan and veechar which was its usual high standard. In this veechar Bhai Sahib mentioned about the grandmother of Bhenji Rajinder Kaur passing away only days before. At her final moment, Bibi ji was doing simran, then she did some loud Jaikaare, then she said "Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Kee Fateh!!" before breathing her last.

I have heard such stories about many Gursikhs, when they approach their final moment. When that final moment comes, for those blessed enough to be immersed in Naam, that moment is glorious for they complete the cycle of births and death, and witness indescribable illumination. For they have merged with the One. Shaheed Gursikhs spirits come and escort their souls as they merge. May Guru Ji bless us all with such Jeevans that we have such final moments.

It reminded me of a time in Slough, many years ago, when Gursikhs would come together and do Naam Abhiyass. Afterwards elder Gursikhs would occasionally share Gurmat stories. One such elder was Bhai Keval Singh. He is a very respected elder who spent years helping people in their daily lives relate with Gurbani. Whenever any family had hard times and happy occasions, they would invite Bhai Sahib to their house and he would do paath and keertan with them families, regardless if they were religious or not.

On one such occasion, Bhai Sahib was invited to the house of a Panjabi man, who was a heavy drinker and not at all religious. He had become very unwell due to alcoholism, was now passing away. As Bhai Sahib arrived at the house, the family was crying and surrounded a bed where the man was in a bed breathing, but very weak. Everyone knew his time had come. Bhai Sahib requested that everyone be quiet, and he sat next to the man and started doing Sukhmani Sahib. While Bhai Sahib was doing paath, initially the man was slightly more at ease, but after some time the man suddenly screamed and became very uncomfortable. Sensing what was happening, Bhai Sahib stopped doing paath and immediately as he stopped, the man breathed his last.

The contrast is stark. On one side we have a man who choose alcohol instead of Gurbani, and at his final moment, the Jamdhoot (messengers of death) came for him. While most souls are taken straight away, without worldly reaction, he had Gurbani near him at the last moment. So he saw the Jamdhoots, but they did could not come close while Gurbani was there. So he screamed at their sight, but as soon as the Gurbani stopped he was taken. But the Bibi ji who was blessed with Gurbani in her life at that final moment was greeted by amazing sight that she did a Jaikaara and said Gurfateh.

The question is what will we experience at our final moment? Honestly reflect...
If honestly you know at that moment according to the way you live today, you are more likely to see the Jamdhoots... then you still have time to make the necessary change!

Vaheguru ji ke khalsa vaheguru ji ke fateh



Anonymous said...

how do you the punjabi man saw jamdoots?

Harmandeep singh said...

Only way to remember God is to remember death.WJKWKF