Monday, April 11, 2011

Nishkam Primary School...

With Waheguru's kirpaa, the first Sikh Primary School in Birmingham is opening September 2011. At the moment there is a Nishkam Nursery which has children from Hindu, Muslim and other backgrounds as well as Sikh children. Below is a video about the school:

Nishkam Primary School Video from Be Inspired Films on Vimeo.

There is a positive newspaper article about the new Sikh school as well. See link.

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


Anonymous said...

Paji, listening to your katha, i've heard you've been a substitute teacher at a primary school " the story with the little girl thinking its fine for girls in sikhi to cut their hair :) bless" Anyway,.. i'm not sure if you are a full teacher now or what, but singh, you should totally apply for being a teacher their, you'd be awesome :)

Manvir Singh said...

Vaheguroo. Daas is a secondary school teacher. However, I would definitely love to become a teacher at a Sikh school. Hopefully they will make a Sikh school soon around Coventry.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think they will let kids wear Kirpaan at the school?

I hope they dont take Kirpaan of when they have to go to meetings with world leaders.


Anonymous said...


ofcourse all gursikhs who are amritdhari and practicing will be allowed to wear kirpaan in school