Monday, April 18, 2011

Seva of the Panth...

Below is a letter of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh jee sent to his wife Bibi Amarjeet Kaur jee whilst he was in prison. Bhai Sahib stressed that just doing Naam Simran and Paath and focusing on our own personal life alone is not good enough. Neither is focusing on seva of the Panth whilst ignoring and not putting in practice Rehat (discipline), Amrit-Vela and Naam Simran. Bhai Sahib instilled spirit of seva, simran and sacrifice in the youth of the time. May Guru jee bless us all with the devotion, Rehat and spirit shown by Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh jee. Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru ke Pyaare!

Respected Amarjeet Kaur jeeo,

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

I have accepted your advice and have forgotten that Singh. He can do whatever he wants. What is it to us?

Otherwise, I have a request I want to make of you. We have finished our worldly lives and taken birth in the Guru’s house and even more than that, we have enlisted in the Guru’s army. It is the responsibility of every Sikh born in the Guru’s house that he does some seva, and we have as of yet not been able to do this seva with our own hands. But we certainly should do some seva. You should consider the case you are fighting as seva of Gursikhi and do so in a heartfelt, happy and thankful spirit, knowing that Satguru jee is teaching something and something good will come out of this lesson.

If you stay laughing and happy, then know that His Will is sweet. There is almost no Sikh spirit left in Singhs now. If you stay laughing and happy, then forget just Fauja Singh, know that you will break the jail of the entire world. If you lose this battle or feel scared/worried, and if you go sit alone in regret, then know that the living example of Sikhi has begun to falter. Become like how Singhs and Singhnees are supposed to be. Make your life embody those principles. That hot air (hard time) you are in now, should become cool after touching your body. Those jungles that you must go through should remain laughing by your spirit for years to come. Those oceans which you must cross, their deepness and terror should always be reduced. Those paths that you are going to walk on, should forever bear your marks. That life which rises above cowardice becomes like a spring of love. It becomes a tower of sacrifice. Those people who call sacrifice “being destroyed”, let them say it. This is what suits them. Those people who enjoy sleeping on their comfortable beds, and call this “life”, let them talk. This is their delusion.

Those who see jail and the noose as Manmat, let them rest. They cannot resolve any affair of the Kaum (nation). Those who become terrified by the crackle of the gun, let them Jap Naam so their cowardice can be eliminated.

Those who cannot protect their own life, faith and daughters and sisters, let them act smart because they cannot do kurbani (sacrifice). Those who are attached to their daughters, sons, properties, wealth, jobs etc. let them remain intoxicated in that. They know a lot of excuses and they cannot bear any hardships due to their nature.

Do not feel bad about those who use the excuse of bhagti (devotional worship) and do not pay attention to the work of the Kaum. This is their karma.

Don’t speak to the frog in the well about the ocean. Understanding the ocean is not something it is capable of doing. Those Kaums who smoke cigarettes and use tobacco are rising to new heights. The Singh children of Dasam Guru, the free Kaums, are crying for the Saviour.

Sat Sri Akaal to the Sarbat Khalsa.

Fauja Singh

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!


Anonymous said...

This is what a true marriage is. It's not based on false attachment. Their love is a mutual love for Waheguru. I hope that I am blessed with such a husband one day.

Kali Singh said...

When Bhai Fauja Singh says "I have accepted your advice and have forgotten that Singh. He can do whatever he wants. What is it to us?"

If this is the time when he goes to jail for supposedly killing that criminal. Then there's a chance he's talking about Wadhawa Singh (Babbar). Wadhawa Singh was the one who actually killed the criminal but Fauja Singh took the blame and went to jail for it.