Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"I am not in favour of Sikh Schools..."

Yesterday I went to an education meeting and was talking to a representative of Catholic Schools. We were talking about faith schools and how Sikhs are apply to make some schools now. I shared how I think it is very good that Sikh community will have its own schools. The Christian gentleman replied, "I am not in favour of Sikh Schools... It would be a great shame to make Sikh schools." I was taken aback by his comments.

He carried on and said, "It will be a great shame to Catholic schools. The Sikhs have so much to offer and bring so much to Catholic schools that the Catholics will be saddened lose Sikh students to Sikh schools." I was humbled by his sincere views about Sikhs. He finished by saying, "I used to be an Ofsted inspector and visited state schools in Wolverhampton. I found that the Sikh students have great hospitality, work ethics and attitude." Inside I lowered my head to Guru Nanak Dev jee and thought, "Dhan Hai Guru!" On the journey back from the meeting I kept reflecting on the virtues that Guru jee has blessed us with and how fortunate we are - from serving food and water to any visitors to working honestly. Waheguru.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Vaheguru.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we need to integrate not segregate, there is nothing wrong with the current schools in Wolverhampton. I feel that those attending Sikh only schools may find it harder to mix in later education and employment.